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Fes, Morocco
Everywhere I went in the Fes medina, I saw these numbered boxes painted on the walls. I had no idea what they were all about until later. I learned that these are election boxes. Morocco has a multi-party political system and each party is...
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Qasbah En Nouar, Fes, Morocco
Located in Fes's medina, Restaurant Sekaya is a great introduction to Moroccan cuisine, particularly for wary travelers. The ambience is great, the food is affordable and flavorful and they have what I believe to be the best mint tea in town. This...
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17 Derb El Gabasse، فاس 30000, Morocco
These are a famous stop on the tours of the Medina in Fez, and worth seeing. The shop owners will give you a sprig of mint to hold under your nose....take it....and then take you to the roof to see the "back room", where the dyeing takes place in...
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7 Derb el Magana, Fes, Morocco
When Mike Richardson exploded onto the fairly limited Fes dining scene in 2007, he took the medina by storm. Suddenly there was someplace where locals, tourists, and a handful of resident expats could convene. They came to view exhibitions by...
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El Keddane, Fes, Morocco
The boy sitting next to me on the wooden bench stole furtive glances. As the only westerner in the room, I clearly stood out. The place was a hammam somewhere in the labyrinthine medina of Fez, Morocco. Not a five star hotel hammam, this was a...
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Fes El Bali, Fes, Morocco
Many local artisans live and work in the seldom-visited Al Andalus neighborhood of Fes El Bali, the old medina. Among them are the wood carvers who daily ply their craft in rustic and simple surroundings yet produce the highly artistic and...
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13, Akbat Sbaa, Douh Fès Médina، Fes 30000, Morocco
This formal garden is neatly contained within perfectly kept borders, but the extravagance of mature citrus trees and thick vegetation ensure it’s serenely cool even on the hottest days. To maximize your time here, book a traditional...
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Quartier des Tanneurs, Fès 30000, Morocco
The dyeing vats at Chouara—as well as at the city’s other tanneries—are among the Fes medina’s most iconic sights. The ancient craft of tanning and dyeing, in all its visceral authenticity (cow urine and pigeon poop are...