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Exploring Italy

I always wanted to travel to Italy and drive to and visit many different places. I was absolutely enchanted with so much history and so many sights to see while there. I loved every minute of the trip. Can't wait to return after all, I did throw my coin into the Trevi Fountain!
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Piazza del Colosseo, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
No matter how many postcards you've seen of Rome's iconic Colosseum, you just don't get it until you pass beneath its crumbling arches. Built by Emperor Vespasian in 72 C.E., the huge amphitheater held 50,000 spectators and marked its...
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Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Fontana di Trevi is, as it should be, one of the most visited landmarks in Rome.Seeing it is worth the blind stumble throughnarrow stone streets and alleyways. But do so at night (and in the rain, if possible)to be rewarded with the stunning sight...
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Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican City
One of my most memorable stops in Rome was of course the Piazza San Pietro and with it, the Basilica, and Vatican City. This huge square was laid in 1657 and holds the 400,000 worshippers and visitors who crowd this vast area in times of...
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00186 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
The Roman Forum is where ancient Rome began. The sprawling archaeological park gives us just a hint of what the Roman Empire once was—a dominant and diverse society. The Forum itself was the political, social, religious, and commercial focal...
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80067 Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
I arrived in Sorrento on a hot Summer day. The sun was shining and the Bay of Naples sparkled under the clear blue sky. In the distance, I could see and Mt. Vesuvius on my right and to my left I could make out the Isle of Capri. After I checked...
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Piazza San Marco, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
Described by Napoleon as the "Drawing Room of Europe," Venice's principal public square is dominated by Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace—as well as its famous pigeons. Wander the framing porticos, have coffee at Quadri or...
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Piazza San Marco, 1332, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
You have probably heard that Venice is the most romantic city in the world. Well, Venice is beautiful, mesmerizing, and seductive. I think it's the turquoise water, the winding canals, and the ancient buildings. We arrived at our hotel in Venice...
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Piazza del Duomo, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
The cathedral, usuallycalled the Duomo, is Florence’s most recognizablebuilding. You are able to catch glimpses of itsmagnificent red-tiled cupola from just about anywhere in the city center. Construction on the church complexbegan in 1296 and the...
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Il Campo, 53100 Siena SI, Italy
Considered one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares, the Piazza del Campo—or, simply, Il Campo—has been at the heart of life in Siena since it began as a marketplace and meeting spot for the area’s villages; the...
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53035 Monteriggioni, Province of Siena, Italy
Walking through the walled city of Montriggioni I could only think of one word - charming.This medieval walled city dates back to the building of the castle in the 1320's. Located 14 km northwest of Siena, we approached Monteriggioni and I saw the...
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Piazza Roma, 6/A, 53035 Monteriggioni SI, Italy
Monteriggioni is one of the most perfectly preserved villages in Tuscany if not all of Italy. This sleepy little village is surrounded by well-maintained fortress walls and towers. It is a joy for those who want to photograph travel sites that are...