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The name Monograms is a clue that this company delivers much more than the all-in-one package. Rather, you’re encouraged to put your own personal stamp on an itinerary, customizing your hotels, excursions, and even extending your stay. Monograms treats you to VIP access at major attractions, while enlisting Local Hosts to clue you into local favorites and off-the-beaten path adventures. Traveling with Monograms is a luxurious, hassle-free way to experience your destination like an insider.
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Stazione Marittima -Magazzino 123, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy
A memorable hotel isn’t just a place to sleep; it enhances your trip by connecting you with a place and ensuring a smooth experience. That’s the philosophy Monograms follows in its vetting process, selecting hotels for their convenience and the...
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Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 3, 00185 Roma RM, Italy
When you touch down in a new city, chances are you’ve got all kinds of questions, starting with where to eat, how to tap into authentic experiences, and what to know about etiquette. With Monograms, it’s easy to get in-the-know recommendations...
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Plaça de Catalunya, 17, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Every destination has its blockbuster attractions, and they often spark the desire to plan a visit. But nothing squashes that excitement quite like being stuck waiting for admission. As a Monograms guest, you get VIP access to major sites, which...
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Florence University Of The Arts, Via Antonio Magliabechi, 1, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
Evaluating train schedules, airport public transit connections, and other logistics can make getting from point A to point B feel like a big hassle. So it’s a pleasure to learn that Monograms does that coordination for you. Transportation among...
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Calle Casp, 86, 08010 Barcelona, Spain
About a year and a half before I came to Spain, my father died. So, I found myself chasing my father's ghost in Barcelona. He had spent time here before I was born, before he met my mother... I had a week alone in this city, before meeting up with...