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Epic Waterfall Hikes

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From trekking through rain forest to the tallest single drop waterfall in the world in Guyana to hiking over and under cascading rivers in Iceland, these are some of the planet's most epic waterfall hikes. Note: We've left out the best known waterfalls—like Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls—in order to present some of the less known—but equally impressive—waterfalls of the world. So strap on your all terrain sandals and get ready for an epic adventure
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Accessible only by a three-day overland and river journey or via a charter flight to a tiny airstrip, Kaieteur Falls, tucked in the heart of Guyana's pristine Amazon wilderness, is one of the world's most powerful single-drop waterfalls. And what...
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Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland
The meaning of the name Goðafoss ("Waterfall of the Gods") gives a pretty good indication of how this natural site has been regarded throughout Icelandic history. Located between Akureyri and Mývatn, it is without a doubt one of the country's most...
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Misiones Province, Argentina
Certain things in life are simply impossible to adequately capture in a mere photograph. Iguazú Falls is definitely one of them, and above is my best effort to convey the epic expanse of 'The Devil's Throat.' Situated on the border of Brazil and...
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Dettifoss was on my list of must-see in Iceland ever since I saw Prometheus and its opening scene. I had to see with my own two eyes the enormous waterfall. The GPS pointed us to this one road that was all gravel and it was closed due to snow....
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California, USA
“We wanted to go to Yosemite, but didn’t have time.” I’ve heard this refrain from several San Francisco visitors and they all have said it with regret. Yes, the reverent national park is outside of a short-drive comfort...
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Located on New Zealand's South Island, Browne Falls is the tallest waterfall in Australasia. And beyond the impressive drop it makes – the waterfall though narrow rushes down some 2,743ft from its source – it is the view that really takes the cake...
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Sec Gozalandia, San Sebastián 00685, Puerto Rico
As with many other natural wonders in Puerto Rico, there isn't a clearly defined marker. Normally, to find Gozalandia, you would first have to visit it with a local, because getting directions there can be complicated. Lately, there is talk...
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Macedonia (FYROM)
Koleshino Falls is located above the village of Kolešino in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern region of the Republic of Macedonia. Flowing from the Baba River, the waterfall is found on Mount Belasica. It gently falls over the...
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Oberkrimml 42, 5743 Krimml, Austria
Austria's historic and cultural allure may only be surpassed by the country's natural beauty. The Krimmler Waterfalls in the Hohe Tauern National Park are a perfect example of how mother nature must have taken a particular liking to our Alpine...
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Canaima 8011, Bolívar, Venezuela
The tallest waterfall on Earth. The journey to this enchanted area is awe inspiring. A true adventure that cannot be done in less than a few days into the jungle.