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Egypt, Israel, Jordan Trip

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Visit the Middle East & Ancient Egypt
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Aswan Governorate, Egypt
Traveling from Alexandria to Abu Simbel gives you an astonishing sense of Egypt and it's ancient treasures. Pyramids, tombs, and heiroglyphics are set on a burning hot backdrop of smoggy cities, tour busses, and one salesman after the next...
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Madinat Habu, Al Bairat, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt
This temple was far less touristy and much more colorful than the other main temples in the area. Go in the morning or else, like much of Egypt, prepare to feel the fire of 1,000 suns. Even in the morning it's quite hot in June. This temple is...
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Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Planning on stopping by the Great Sphinx while on holiday in Egypt? Join the millions of other easy targets that are there with you. While I highly recommend this iconic experience, be aware of some of the most common traps await you. For example,...
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Dar El-Salam, Al Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Have you tried putting grains, chickpeas, and freeze dried onions on top of pasta and topped it all off with tomato sauce and a garlic oil? No? Well the Egyptians consider this dish a staple. It's called KO-SHERRY, 'Koshary'.For around 20 cents...
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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
This breakfast was surprisingly delicious and filling. We exited the Cairo airport and asked our taxi driver to take us to get some ful (FOOL or Fa-OUL, I've heard it pronounced both ways by locals). Being near the spice market capital of the...
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Al Haram, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
We arranged a camel tour through our hotel (Mercure, Giza). Because it was arranged through the hotel, it was pretty pricey, however the quality and convenience was worth the additional cost. That says a lot about our experience because we are two...
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Street 21, معادي السرايات الغربية، المعادي، محافظة القاهرة‬، Egypt
Step aside pyramids at Giza! Getting to spend a day with locals is much more fun! My husband and I love taking cooking classes when we travel abroad because we love food and interacting with locals. We spent the morning at the pyramids, which is...
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Tasiilaq, Greenland
Ammassalik Island is in the fjords of eastern Greenland - one of the most stunning and harsh places I've ever been to. This spot was at the end of an 8-hour grueling hike where we were led before our guide realized that our campsite was actually...
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Tiniteqilaaq is a settlement in the Sermersooq municipality of eastern Greenland where I spent a few hours in-between kayak camps. Like all of the villages I saw in Greenland, Tiniteqilaaq appears to be quaint, European, colorful, and surrounded...
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Aqisseqarajooq, Nuuk 3905, Greenland
Hot rhubarb soup with blackberries, smoked breast of auk (a seabird), and seal marinated in honey—dishes like these draw foodies to Nuuk, the tiny capital of Greenland and the region’s gourmet star. Here, such upscale eateries as Nipisa and...