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Ecuador from Sea Level to Sky High

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The country of Ecuador is a little larger than the state of Colorado, yet in that relatively small area, travelers will find four different worlds: the Pacific Coast, the Andes, The Amazon, and the Galapagos. On your visit you'll be amazed by mountains whose peaks reach to the sun and whales swimming along the coast, the urban excitement of Quito pairs nicely with the natural wonders of the Galapagos. Here are five places that capture the dazzling diversity of Ecuador.
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In the last decade or so, Quito has emerged as one of South America’s most exciting capitals. Of course, much of what is appealing about the city of two million has been there all along. The historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has...
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Malecón Norte y 24 de Mayo, Puerto López 131950, Ecuador
Ecuador’s “Ruta del Spondylus” is named after a particular type of shellfish found here—in English, they are also referred to as thorny or spiny oysters. Perhaps a better way to remember this famous coastal road that passes by pristine beaches and...
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Esquina, Manuela Cañizares, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
If you continue to the north along the coast, you’ll eventually reach Esmeraldas, located on the country’s border with Colombia. Travelers who arrive here will find some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and some of the tallest mangroves in...
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There are a number of different aspects to the diversity that makes Ecuador such a fascinating destination. There is the cultural one, embodied in the country’s indigenous peoples, its Spanish heritage, and the modern metropolises of Quito and...
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Hermano Miguel 3-43, Cuenca 010104, Ecuador
Cuenca combines culture, nature and tradition. One of the best ways to explore this city is by walking through its narrow cobbled streets full of history. Its historic center was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as one of the best...