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Deep Blue Galápagos

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You won't be alone in the underwater kingdoms of the Galápagos.
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Floreana Island, Ecuador
Galápagos travelers are often amazed to find themselves approached by sea lions—especially juveniles, whose playful curiosity can seem almost puppylike. When they see a Zodiac nearing their beach, sea lions will sometimes rush into the water to...
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This was up there in the Top 5 dives I have done so far. We must have seen around 800 hammerhead sharks on this one dive. Blew my mind!
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Av. Conocarpus, Sn, Puerto Villamil 200250, Ecuador
Three separate schools of hammerheads passed by us as the current drifted us along between two rock walls. We probably saw nearly 100 sharks in a 30-minute period. I was breathing so heavily, I had to come up early because I was running low on...
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Fernandina Island, Ecuador
Technically, the marine iguana isn't a salt spitter, it's a salt snorter. Adapted to sea life, the marine iguana dives for seaweed and algae, then basks in the sun to increase it's body temperature. During this time, the excess salt is filtered...
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Española Island, Ecuador
Gardner Bay is a beloved snorkeling spot located on Espanola Island's northeast. A sea lion playground also notable for rays, sharks, turtles, and schools of beautiful fish, this is a great location to get used to swimming in the chilly waters of...
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Rabida Island, Ecuador
One of the best things about cruising the Galapagos aboard La Pinta was waking up in world-class snorkeling spots, like this brilliant spot off Rabida Island. Here we swam with turtles, penguins, sea lions, sharks, rays, and more. A few members of...
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Isabela Island, Ecuador
The landscape of northern Isabela Island is remarkable. This terrain, between Punta Albemarle and Punta Vicente Roca is some of the most remarkable in all of the Galapagos Islands, and often missed by folks spying birds, turtles, and sea lions...
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Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
There are not many places in the world where you can capture three distinct species in a single frame. In the Galapagos you can, from just a few yards away. I especially liked watching (and photographing) the way very distant relatives interacted....