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Day trip to Malinalco

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Malinalco is just a 90 minute drive from Mexico City. With a rich cultural heritage and an easygoing vibe, it is the perfect spot to enjoy quick escapade. Beware, it is quite possible that you may end up wanting to stay a little longer.
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s/n, Sta Maria, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
I’ve seen this wall on to different visits to Malinalco. On the second one, I noticed a man playing a game with his kid, trying to identify the details in the incredible mural in the Convento del Divino Salvador. The wall is a superb example of...
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Cerro del Ciriaco s/n, San Juan, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
Walk through the labyrinth, take yoga lessons, meditate, chant, participate in a drum circle or simply relax and get a massage. On Saturdays and Sundays you can also participate in a temazcal, a kind of sauna based on ancient rituals. Ollinyotl...
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Pensamiento S/N, San Guillermo, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
Kids often feel a strange attraction for insects. That is why I wasn’t surprised when I learned most of the visitors to Museo Vivo Los Bichos are families with at least two kids. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, the museum is still worth...
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Plaza Central, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
Call me crazy, but I think that small towns are perfect to wander around with no concrete destination in mind. After an hours walk through the streets of Malinalco, I finally arrived to the Center Square. And then I saw this quinceañera with her...
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Galeana 110, Sta Maria, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
Small town ice cream parlors always a treat. Most likely, they continue to produce different flavors using the artisanal way. Malinalli is one of such places. Try the mamey or the tequila flavors, you won’t regret it.
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Av. del Progreso 67, San Juan, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
If you feel the need to know more about Malinalco, it’s origins and traditions, the Luis Mario Schneider Museum is the place to visit. You will find ancient pottery, musical instruments, folk art paintings all explaining the history of the town...
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Juárez 113, Sta Maria, 52440 Malinalco, Méx., Mexico
There are a handful of stores that sell shawls in Malinalco, but none are more traditional than Xoxopaxtli and Rapasejos, run by master weaver Camelia Ramos. Her beautiful creations, are made using techniques that date from Colonial times and...
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El Cuauhcalli, Estado de México, Mexico
The archaeological zone is the main attraction of Malinalco. Just walk up to to the top of the Cerro the los Ídolos and take your time to enjoy the view. Of course, the best time to visit is early in the morning or a few hours before the sunset....