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Nicosia, Cyprus
Most people think about Cyprus in relation to the 1974 Turkish invasion. This isn't an unfair thought, since the Turkish army is still occupying the Northern part of the country. There are still military guards from the Greek Cypriot army, the...
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Athinas, Nicosia, Cyprus
Cyprus is an island that is covered with scars from its history. The geographical location of this island made it an important location strategically during many battles, and even today it holds several army bases. Fortunately one of the oldest...
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John Kennedy 80, Nicosia 1076, Cyprus
While English isn't the first language for most Cypriots, most can speak it very well. This has a great deal to do with the fact that Cyprus used to be a British colony, and also with the number of foreign UN soldiers that live on the island....
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Larnaca, Cyprus
Flying into Cyprus used to be fairly straight forward, since the main airport used to be located in Nicosia, the capital city. Since 1974 however, the this airport has been stuck in the UN buffer zone and is currently a UN military base. Today's...
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Kritis 5, Nicosia, Cyprus
Most people really don't know what to expect when you say you're eating Cypriot Food. Most people assume that Cyprus is a Greek island (which is wrong) so they just assume that the food will be exactly the same as what you would find on other...
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Kouklia, Paphos, Cyprus, Kouklia, Cyprus
One of the advantages of being on an island is the fact that you're literally surrounded by water. When you're surrounded by water, and you have a mild to warm average temperature, the seaside is the place to go. In the cooler months only the...
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Ledras, Lefkoşa, Cyprus
Many people don't realize that although this country is still involved in a military stalemate, you can easily travel into both parts of the island, even if just for part of a day. For Americans and Canadians crossing does not require any kind of...
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In Cyprus there are two ways to cool off on a hot summer's day. You can go to the seaside and dip into the cool sea water, or you can drive into the hills and cool off in the mountain air. Most tourist tend to choose the day at the seaside, but...