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Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, Germany
Meet the Ampelmann, the little green guy who graces the street lights in the former East Berlin. After reunification, the spunky green dude was set to vanish, replaced by the more generic EU-standard green/walk sign. But there was an uproar....
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Baboons around every turn, zebras and wildebeests grazing on the savannah, lions lounging in trees above your head, and elephants strolling around. This is the animal kingdom at its best.
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43 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023, USA
The highlight of any Chinese take out meal; the opening of the fortune cookie! But when I opened it, I was like, "Wait....what?"
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Pisac, Peru
A great place to find local goods.
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My fiance, and now husband, Adam, and I were on a trip with his family traveling around Australia. We had many wonderful experiences there, but Karen was special. We came upon Karen the Koala on not only Adam and my 2 year Anniversary, but my 27th...
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Xicheng, Beijing, China
This adorable old woman reminded me of my grandmother despite the fact that they look nothing alike. I saw her outside Mr. Shi's Dumplings (74 Bao Cao Hutong) which was written up by Time Out Beijing and consequently was filled with white tourists...
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Seoul, South Korea
While down in the Seoul subway, this stopped me in my tracks: an advertisement-in-the-form-of-a-pronunciation-lesson. Look carefully in the bottom right of the image--yep, this is for the American car company, Chevrolet. Now look at the phonetic...
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Howtown, Penrith CA10 2LZ, UK
I took this photo at Howtown, just above Lake Ullswater, whilst researching my book A Lake District Journey. I discovered that this rare native breed was created through selective breeding by shepherds around wild and remote Wasdale. Wasdale is...