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Culinary finds in Switzerland

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From Röschsti to fine dining, from Europe's first vegetarian restaurant to iconic mountaintop eateries, Switzerland offers something for just about everyone. Try specialty foods at a festival (chestnuts anyone?), or on a farm. Have your chocolates hand-made, or perhaps with scenery and a side of cheese. Dine outside or in, by candlelight and with a view. Recall your Swiss travels with unforgettable food memories.
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Untergass 28, 8193 Eglisau, Switzerland
Romantik Hotel Gasthof Hirschen has welcomed guests since the 16th century. Today, the building is a boutique hotel, as well as a historic monument, and makes for a charming and atmospheric retreat. Seven rooms and suites offer top-notch 21st...
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Storchengasse 9, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Teuscher might be an international name with shops in 19 cities as far-flung as Shanghai and Singapore, but it’s still very much a homegrown brand. All of its chocolates are made in Zurich before being shipped out to its global stores, and its...
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Foroglio, 6690 Cevio, Switzerland
Alpine valley restaurants offer some great opportunities for intimate dining, none more so than in the Bavona Valley, where La Froda restaurant brings a new meaning to "candlelit dinner." Set in the only valley in Switzerland with no electricity,...
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Lucerne, Switzerland
The best pretzels I ever ate were not in New York City (my hometown) or Germany (where they are practically a national food). The best pretzels were in.....Switzerland. Switzerland's "bretzels" are soft, twisted rolls of bread - paper-thin,...
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3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Housed in an old chalet in the hamlet of Finland, Restaurant Findlerhof has one of the best outdoor patios around. It’s spacious and sunny—and overlooks the Matterhorn. The restaurant itself is rustic yet comfortable, offering a mix of...
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Bözenegg 1, 5107 Schinznach-Dorf, Switzerland
You'll pass by farmland and vineyards as you drive the backroads to get to this cozy cabin-in-the-woods feeling restaurant. As soon as you walk in to the Röschti Farm, the audible crackle and the savory smell of potato pancakes welcomes you. This...
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Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
With its sausage-centric food culture, Zurich may not be the most likely home for the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, but family-owned Hiltl has been serving up vegetarian fare for over four generations. This restaurant competes with the...
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Joe and I took the scenic GoldenPass train from Montreux (the unofficial capital of the Lavaux region) to Interlaken. The train links Lake Geneva with central Switzerland via the Bernese Oberland and the entire trip takes about six hours. Our...
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Mürren, 3825 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
More so than most places, Switzerland offers serious skiers the chance to fly down unblemished mountainsides—especially in Mürren. The town is blessed with powder-packed bowls that maintain fresh snow for days after a big fall, drawing...
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Stadthofstrasse 14, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
Hotel Hofgarten is a warm, welcoming establishment housed in one of Lucerne's oldest manor houses. From the outside, the restaurant looks like a casual pub, but the minute you enter, you sense the elegance housed inside. The space is light and...
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Piazza Giuseppe Motta 29, 6612 Ascona, Switzerland
Autumn is harvest festival season all over Switzerland. One with a unique, Italian-Swiss flair is the Sagre delle Castagne in Ascona, Switzerland, held on two weekends each year. On the northern shore of Lago Maggiore, the Swiss turn up the heat...
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Münsterpl. 16, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
This restaurant on Münsterplatz is a year-round favorite, set in one of the stately houses of Basel’s old town. With two outdoor seating areas, it and transitions well into the warmer season, and is a great place for summertime people-watching....
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Bahnhofstrasse 30, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland
The Romantik Hotel Wilden Mann is a hotel of character, atmosphere and attentive service. I've stayed there several times, and each time, discovered something new. From the Gothic Revival Burgerstube on the premises of an ancient tavern (Wilden...
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Münsterhof 8, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich’s original 14 guilds were established in Medieval times to represent different crafts- and tradesmen, and their grand, stately buildings that still dot the city are a testament to their one-time power. Fortunately, most are well-preserved...
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Switzerland’s mountains are the cornerstone of its beauty, and a great way to take in scenery is by train. The GoldenPass panoramic line allows passengers to gaze through its huge glass windows at the sprawling Alps. The route heads through...
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Münstergasse 17, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
This Altstadt institution known for its specialty coffee beans, teas and spices also sells a small, but excellent selection of specialty Swiss chocolate bars, including Akesson’s and Idillio Origins, and delicious chocolate oddities like...
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Kaffeeweltstrasse 1, 4626 Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland
Ever wondered how a coffee bean feels when it is made to pass through a coffee machine ? Not the feeling, but what a machine looks like from the inside is what you can see, when you walk through this museum, which is built like the inside of a...
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Hauptstrasse 58, 5070 Frick, Switzerland
In the canton Argovia, there is this cute little town called Frick, which has everything you need: to be in suburbs, greenery, shopping facilities... and this fabulous Cafe and Bakery - one of our favorites. The bakery delivers delicious cakes and...