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Cruising Panama Canal

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Limon Bay, Colón, Panama

Just inside the breakwaters of Limón Bay on Panama’s Caribbean coast, vessels of all sizes wait their turn to enter the canal—from tugs to tankers, pleasure craft to cargo ships. At the tip of Fort Sherman, a former American...

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It can come as a great surprise to many visitors, especially those traveling at night, when their ship exits the canal and skirts around the six-kilometer-long (four-mile-long) Amador Causeway, and suddenly Panama City's forest of high-rises...

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The junior of the canal’s two bridges, the Centennial Bridge was inaugurated in 2004 and the Pan-American Highway was rerouted to pass over it instead of the older Bridge of the Americas. The Centennial is a gorgeous structure whose 128...

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As you sail through the narrow Culebra Cut, the 220-square-kilometer (85-square-mile) Soberanía National Park stretches past you to your east. In the 16th century, the Las Cruces Trail in this park was used to transport gold. Today, a...

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Colón, Panama

The Panama Canal Railway has a rich past—literally so, as it was built after California's gold rush to haul spoils back to the East Coast of the United States. Ships would arrive with gold from California, and later the Klondike as well, and...