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Chongqing for Couples

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Chongqing, on the banks of the Yangtze, has immense historical and cultural cachet. A booming metropolis of 10 million—forecast to double in 13 years!—it was the capital during WWII and is home to important artists and major politicians, as well as spicy Sichuan food.
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Chongqing's Ciqikou, or "Porcelain Port," is a buzzy area that is a hotbed for migrants, expats, and artists. There are a lot of little shops—some more touristy than others—and eventually the road leads down to some hostels and a cool restaurant...
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236 Renmin Rd, DaXiGou, Yuzhong Qu, Chongqing Shi, China, 400015
This museum doesn't get particularly crowded, but still has plenty to offer: ancient relics from the Han Dynasty, famous paintings, porcelain, stone rubbings, and money from various dynasties. There are also exhibits from Chongqing’s ancient Ba-Yu...
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Chaotianmen, Yuzhong, Chongqing, China
If you don't have the time or inclination to do a full cruise up the Yangtze River, you must take the one-hour night cruise, which shows off Chongqing in all her flaming, neon glory. Trips are very reasonably priced. All boats leave from the...
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414 Provincial Rd, Qijiang Qu, Chongqing Shi, China
Also known as the Black Valley, this site is both gorgeous and mysterious. It has lush vegetation and waterfalls, and air that is misty and clean; the silence inside is almost deafening. It's very easy to get to, even by public bus, although...
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222 Xinhua Rd, JieFangBei ShangQuan, Yuzhong Qu, Chongqing Shi, China, 400010
Jin Yao Xuan Specialty Restaurant at the Westin stands out from the (many) other hot pot restaurants in Chongqing by offering fresh, organic ingredients. Really! The chef will even come out with a big chunk of earth and handpick delicate mushrooms...
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Liberation Monument Shangquan, Yuzhong, China, 400065
They say that Sichuan food is the best in all of China, and that Chongqing noodles are the tastiest. It's certainly a fun rumor to try and validate. These are Chongqing hot and sour sweet potato noodles, 酸辣粉. The noodles are made from sweet potato...
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Liberation Monument Shangquan, Yuzhong, China, 400012
A great cocktail bar is a welcome surprise in Chongqing. The owner, Jimmy Zhang, is a trained mixologist and even holds classes on mixing drinks. The service is fantastic and—needless to say—the drinks are top-notch. Try Jimmy's special cocktail,...
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China, Chongqing Shi, Yuzhong Qu, 较场口 邮政编码: 400012
This is one of the biggest and most renowned clubs in Chongqing. They have a lot of famous DJs and groups playing there on the weekends. They also throw a ton of parties—everything from Mario theme parties to celebrations of Lantern Festival.
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3 Hufang Rd, Xicheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China
While visiting Beijing on a Fulbright over the summer, we were given the opportunity to attend a traditional Peking Opera. Though the show was entirely in Mandarin, it was highly entertaining and lively. The vibrant colors of the venue, coupled...
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1 Minsheng Rd, JieFangBei ShangQuan, Yuzhong Qu, Chongqing Shi, China, 400065
Shu embroidery is one of the four famous Chinese embroidery styles. The level of skill required to do this kind of artistic embroidery is insane: A medium-sized, simple design of a panda might take 3–4 months of work, to give you an example. There...