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Cheap Eats in Stockholm

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Though the word "cheap" is relative when dining out in Stockholm, affordable options do exist. Tuck into crepes at BYN, enjoy classic Swedish fare at Ragnars Skafferi or affordable seafood at Stockholm Fisk, or head to Café 60 for large crayfish salads. At the market hall Söderhallarna, vendors cater to lunch crowds from nearby offices (as well as hungry visitors). And be sure to have a hamburger sandwich at MAX.
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Rörstrandsgatan 9, 113 41 Stockholm, Sweden
When it comes to sushi, Stockholm has a ton of really good restaurants that serve up the freshest fish and shellfish dishes. Even my neighborhood sushi joint, with its four tables, serves up succulent salmon (lax) sushi that just melts in your...
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Munkbrogatan 8, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Vapiano is an Italian restaurant with a couple of locations around town, and it serves quick made-to-order meals (pasta, pizza, and salads) while you wait at the counter. You get a card (similar to a bus card) that is swiped at every station you...
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Hantverkargatan 1, 112 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Named after Ragnar Östberg, the architect behind theStockholm's impressive Stadshuset, Ragnars Skafferi cooks all its dishes from scratch with local and regional produce from growers around the Stockholm area and Mälardalen. Meals tend to be...
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Kungsträdgårdsgatan 20, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden
For cheap yet high quality fast food, Swedish hamburger chain MAX usually has one of the longest and most patient queues known to man waiting at any of its locations around the country and in town. Mostly because its food is always cooked to...
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Sveavägen 60, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden
There’s a vibrant, watering-hole rowdiness to Café 60 that makes it feel more like a university café lounge filled with coffee-drinking students and frat boys. Except, at this popular local joint on Sveavägen, you get large shrimp and crayfish...
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Söderhallarna 3, Medborgarplatsen, 118 72 Stockholm, Sweden
While its box-like exteriors aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, what you will find within its modest, airy, and light interiors are a variety of fresh produce vendors—from poultry and cheeses to teas and breads, alongside nearly 20...
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Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
It really doesn’t get more eco-friendly and organic than dining on freshly baked bread and pastries at Rosendals Trädgård Kafé and Bageri. Their breads are baked with biodynamic flour from the Saltå Kvarn mill in nearby Järna, and their dishes are...
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Vasagatan 1, 107 25 Stockholm, Sweden
A hip seafood joint with some of the freshest platters in town, Stockholm Fisk serves oysters and smoked shrimp in little tin buckets with fresh bread and aioli, and pan-seared fillets with roasted potatoes. If you love seafood, you'll find...
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Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden
You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy tasty spreads with various vegetable-based casseroles, salads, and hot dishes at Hermans. This eatery also has incredible views of Stockholm Harbor overlooking Gamla stan and Djurgården.
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Stockholm, Sweden
Eating out in Stockholm can be downright expensive, and it’s not uncommon to spend upwards of $15 just for a sandwich. A local insider tip is to keep an eye out for signs that say “Dagens rätt" or "Dagens lunch," placed outside restaurants and...