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Canada’s True North

Traveling extensively in northern Canada inspired writer Barry Lopez to describe it as a land with icebergs “the size of Cleveland” where “polar bears fly out of the stars.” It is indeed captivating, from its pristine landscapes to its stunning skies—ablaze with the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights the rest of the year. Here are five not-to-be-missed experiences in Canada’s True North, a region that includes the provinces north of the 60th parallel.
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The vast Northwest Territories are dotted with hundreds of lakes—and the entire state of Massachusetts could fit into the largest, Bear Lake, with room to spare. But it’s not just the lakes that are enormous. The 10 fish species here include lake...
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Yellowknife, NT X0E, Canada
A dogsled, a snowy trail, and the aurora borealis (a.k.a., the northern lights). That is how many imagine the Northwest Territories —a winter wonderland, bathed in glowing lights. But you don’t have to wait for the long nights of winter to enjoy...
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Arctic Bay, NU, Canada
Respect and admiration for arctic creatures is deeply rooted in Inuit culture, and the extraordinary diversity of animal species native to Nunavut is one of the area’s prime attractions. The ancient, nomadic Inuit hunter-gatherer people recognized...
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Coppermine River, Kugluktuk, NU X0B, Canada
Nunavut's many rivers and lakes, as well as most of its 28,000 miles of Arctic coastline, thaw in the late spring. As a result, spectacular bays, fjords, and inlets become navigable and vessel-friendly when the sea ice breaks up by July. Nunavut...
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Mayo, YT, Canada
Visiting the Yukon in summer is the perfect way to get your dose of adventure—and Vitamin D. In the land of the midnight sun, the skies are glorious and summer light just won't quit. Spend a couple of days winding up the North Klondike Highway...