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Bolivia—A Surreal Wild West

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From delicious food to the gorgeous and remote salt flats, Bolivia is a country worth visiting.
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Bolivia's alpine salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni form one of the harshest livable climates on planet Earth. Despite enduring the frigid wind chill at 15,000 feet, this flamingo enjoys a meal foraged from beneath the salt.
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Av Montenegro 1560, La Paz, Bolivia
Even if I didn't have family in Bolivia I might fly to La Paz every so often just to eat salteñas, a meat or chicken pie. You can find them just about anywhere in the city, and the only bad salteñas I've had are the ones I tried to make myself....
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Calle 16 No.8009, La Paz, Bolivia
For traditional Bolivian food, the residents around the San Miguel area of La Paz like El Vagón del Sur. I started out with the tucumanas (empanadas with a spicy garlic sauce) and surubi (an Amazon river fish), followed by the picante de pollo...
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Federico Zuazo 1771, La Paz, Bolivia
One of Bolivia's leading artists, Mamani Mamani, painted this mural on the exterior wall of the Lanza shopping center (close to the Plaza San Francisco). You can also view some of his original paintings in the VIP lounge of the movie theater in...
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Tunari, Bolivia
I don't know if I had ever climbed anything before my summer in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Growing up just outside of Philadelphia, outside activities like hiking just weren't relevant, and now I found myself living in a city 8,400 feet above sea level....
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Sector "B" Alto Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia
For some reason, Mexican mariachi bands are very popular at Bolivian weddings these days, which struck me as a bit odd. Then again, people in my country do the chicken dance at weddings, so who am I to judge? On Saturdays you can go to los Puentes...
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Uynui is a desolate little town on the edge of the great salt flats in Bolivia, which are more than 20 times larger than Salt Lake in USA. Stark, mysterious and sublime part of the Earth. In Uyuni the streets are dusty and cold, and there is a...