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Best Petiscos Bars (Tascas) in Porto

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Tascas are the portuguese equivalent to Tapas bars in Spain. These establishments are the perfect place to understand traditional fast-food gastronomy and Porto’s local culture. Sharing food is the best ice breaker in the world, and if you enter a Tasca in Porto, you’ll find out that one’s language is not a barrier to communicate.
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R. Afonso Martins Alho 115, 4000 Porto, Portugal
Lunch time at Adega Floresta is hectic. A lot of man eating and drinking and talking about soccer. Food is simple and it's always freshly cooked, result of a nice lady hidden in the kitchen. Try Rojões, pork meat tenderly cooked and with a nice...
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R. do Cativo 14, 4000-098 Porto, Portugal
At this place authenticity is full proof. Alfredo is the family's patriarch that gave his name to the beautiful blue and white Tasca, a tiny F.C. Porto micro museum. Although he looks more than eighty he still attends the bar. On the walls you can...
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Rua da Picaria 26, 4050-477 Porto, Portugal
There's nothing so simple as this salad. Salted codfish, onion, chickpeas and olive oil, mixed together an that's it. The quality of the ingredients can turn it into something amazing. In Badalhoca you can have it and be dazzled. Now for the...
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Rua de Trás 12, 4000 Porto, Portugal
Codfish rolls, aka "iscas de bacalhau", are a local dish, often served with stewed rice and beans. It's, also, very common to have it as a snack on local bars, together with a small glass of wine. At Adega Leandro you can taste this simple treat...
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Rua de S. Victor 148, 4300 Porto, Portugal
It's definitely out of the beaten track, but this place clearly deserves a stop to try "tripas enfarinhadas". This "petisco" it's always part of a big meal, but in Catitas is the star of the show. Pork tripes stuffed with corn flour, deep fried...
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Tv. Cimo de Vila 4 10, 4000-171 Porto, Portugal
This will take you to the next level of food porn! Cachorrinho is a simple sandwich made by simple people to food lovers. A custom made baguette, fresh sausage spicy patê, linguiça (a kind of thin chouriço) and cheese. You' ll have to ask for a...
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Praça dos Poveiros 33, 4000-393 Porto, Portugal
It's well known that portuguese can cook every little tiny bit of pork, except the hoofs, in a thousand ways and always creating wondeful flavours. Buraquinho is a small restaurant, where everybody is very friendly, and always trying to please....