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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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When a small group of us clustered in front of the working-class neighborhood row house where singer and songwriter Van Morrison was born, a women across the street asked us what the fuss was all about. She'd moved in only five weeks earlier and...
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7-11 Commercial Ct, Belfast BT1 2NB, UK
Belfast is famous for its murals, most notably the politically themed paintings representing partisan Loyalist/Unionist and Republican/Nationalist interests carried over from The Troubles. But the city is a music and soccer town, as well, and in...
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12-20 East Bridge St, Belfast BT1 3NQ, UK
St. George's Market, a sprawling indoor space within a 19th-century brick building, is not just about foodstuffs. Arts, crafts, and music are big parts of the scene. But spend a few hours there on a Friday or Saturday, especially, and you can...
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7 Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4JA, UK
Her cozy and cheerful shop, Co Couture, is tucked down into a half-basement space just a short walk from St. George's Market, but chocolatier Deirdre McCanny's award-winning truffles and small-batch chocolate confections are gaining a high-profile...
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Donegall St, Belfast BT1 2HB, UK
The 2007 addition of the Spire of Hope to then-108-year-old Belfast Cathedral (St. Anne's) may have generated controversy, but it certainly points the way--upward--for Belfast and, especially, the surrounding Cathedral Quarter. Worth an extended...
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1 Quay St, Ardglass, Downpatrick BT30 7SA, UK
Truth be told, we were looking for Coney Island, the one in County Down, immortalized in song by Van Morrison, when we stumbled into William Mulhall's gallery shop (because he had a life-size painted figure of Van in the window) in the picturesque...