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Barcelona on Bike

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While Barcelona is far from counting among Europe's most bike-friendly cities (think Amsterdam and Copenhaguen)--bike culture is growing by leaps and bounds. The city has a very inexpensive public bike system called Bicing (as of 2014 much cheaper than the subway system). Bike lanes are becoming more prevalent. Bike rental and repair shops are popping up around town like daisys in spring--which is great, as at present, Bicing is only available to locals with a residency card.
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Carrer de la Pescateria, 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
Hate getting lost in a new city? Sign up for a Modernista, Tapas, or graffiti tour. Free-wheeling cyclists can rent a bike for a few hours or even an entire week. Left luggage service is free for renters (if you're just passing through Barcelona...
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Plaça de la Llana, 3, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
WIth shops all over town, there's sure to be a Budget Bikes location near wherever you're staying the city. Budget bikes are reasonably priced, but more importantly are high quality Dutch bicycles, great for cyclists used to a sturdy cycle at...
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This combination clothing and accessory and bike rental shop is perfect for new and seasoned cyclists. Specializing in stylish clothes and accessories designed for bike-riders and enthusiasts--this is the only bike rental shop in BCN where you can...
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Carrer de València, 337, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
Seriously into cycling? Sign up for a mountain-biking or long-distance tour to Cava country with Terra Diversion Bike Tours. You can rent a bike from them, or bring your own. Staying in Barcelona for a month or longer, and missing your bike back...
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My Beautiful Parking has morphed into something new on multiple occasions. Originally parking for bikes, then bike rentals and repairs, and finally moving into sales. At MBP the rental bikes are lightweight, and equipped with 2 brakes, pinhead...