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Untouched wild forests, sheer granite cliffs, and flowering hillsides: The nature in West Sweden is varied and offers many opportunities to explore, on foot, bike, or by boat. Swedes love being out in the nature, so enjoy traveling like one.
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So you’re longing for true wilderness? You only have to travel as far as the north of Västergötland to Tiveden. With its numerous nature reserves and landscapes of giant boulders, deep, soft moss, grottos, and...
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458 70 Högsäter, Sweden
The nature reserve of Kroppefjäll is a high plateau with pristine pine tree forests, lakes and marshes. There are several hiking trails, but be sure to wear waterproof or hiking boots as you might step into one of the...
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Hornborgasjön, 521 98 Broddetorp, Sweden
In the early 19th century, the farmers around Lake Hornborga made the first of four attempt to lower the water level of the lake in order to create a larger feeding area for their cattle. This eventually resulted in a wide marshland, but it...
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Hamnevägen 30, Ekenäs, Sweden
There is a long tradition of protecting nature on land, but protecting nature below sea level is not as common. Kosterhavet National Park is the first marine national park in Sweden, and has the country's highest marine biodiversity...
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Museigatan 1, 451 50 Uddevalla, Sweden
The 230-mile Bohusleden hiking trail will take you from Lindome south of Gothenburg to Strömstad near the Norwegian border. It’s divided into 27 sections, so you can walk as much or as little of the trail as you...
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What better way to tour the archipelago of Bohuslän than by island hopping? Quietly kayak your way between the small islands and rocky islets and make friends with a passing seabird or seal. All along the coastline you will find...
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Archipelago of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
The sea has always played a big part in the lives of the people of Gothenburg. When you want to relax from city life this is where you go. A tram ticket will take you all the way out into the southern archipelago to enjoy the harsh beauty of the...
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Stora Amundön, 436 58 Hovås, Sweden
Take the bus south to Stora Amundön, a nature reserve with meadows, horse paddocks, and paths that lead to bare cliffs and the sea. There you’ll find an underwater snorkeling path where you can explore the wildlife of the ocean. Just follow the...
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Kinnekulle, 533 94 Hällekis, Sweden
The Kinnekulle area on the south bank of Lake Vänern is a paradise. Home to 18 nature reserves, the unique geology and chalky soils provides the perfect growing conditions for plants like ramps, ivy and various rare species like...