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Back to Nature in Panamá

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Shamelessly lush urban parks, verdant off-the-grid islands—heading to Panamá means entering a world of fast-growing vines, colorful birds, and wild nature, even in the heart of cities.
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San Blas Islands, Panama
A visit to the incredible 365-island archipelago (also called the San Blas Islands) within the communal lands of the Guna Yala indigenous nation provides some extraordinary seaside experiences. The islands making up the outer archipelago...
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Corregimiento de Cristobal,IA 5, Panama City 7338, Panama
The town of Gamboa lies at the center of a rain forest on the banks of the Panama Canal, where Lake Gatún and the River Chagres meet about 20 miles from the capital. Gamboa’s Summit Park is home to Panama’s national bird, the...
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Ancon Hill, Panama City, Panama
Cerro Ancón, or Ancón Hill, is a patriotic symbol for all Panamanians. While the Stars and Stripes waved atop the hill throughout the period of United States control of the canal, now the proud promontory...
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Vía Cincuentenario, Panamá, Panama
A little more than six miles east of the Casco Viejo lie the ruins of Panamá la Vieja (“the old Panama City”), a compound of historical monuments marking where it all started, five centuries ago. The area served as the Spanish...
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La Alameda, Panamá, Panama
Parque Natural Metropolitano, one of Central America’s only protected areas, lies inside the city limits and is one of the last redoubts of the all-but-disappeared Central American Pacific dry tropical forest, where trees shed leaves in the...
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Cinta Costera, Panamá, Panama
The Cinta Costera is a seaside walk that follows the shores of Panama Bay and features recreational areas and green spaces, sports facilities, and bike paths. A very popular spot, especially on weekends, the promenade brings together all of...