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Arezzo, Italy - My Hometown!

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Eat, Shop, Drink, Stay, Do! Our new hometown, Arezzo, is in the heart of Tuscany and served as the backdrop for the heart-warming scenes in the Oscar-winning film, "Life is Beautiful." And yet, the medieval walled town is still largely undiscovered by tourists. My husband, daughter and I are transplanted from the US and have lived here for two years, but we're still discovering things daily. Come explore with us! Benvenuti!
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Via Cavour, 23, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
Nestled in the "centro storico" or historic center of our medieval-walled town, this charming hotel is where all our friends have stayed whenever someone's visiting us here in Arezzo. Each room is tastefully and uniquely decorated, there's a...
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Via dell'Orto 18, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
The first weekend of every month, the historic cobble-stoned streets in the center of our hometown, Arezzo, are off-limits to cars while they're filled with vendors selling furniture, paintings, glassware, jewelry, linens and vintage clothing at...
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Piazza Grande, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
Hordes of tourists may descend upon Siena's annual historic Palio horse race, but our hometown, Arezzo, has a medieval festival of its own: "La Giostra del Saracino" or The Joust of the Saracen. Twice a year, the city's four "quartieri" or main...
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52100 Arezzo, Province of Arezzo, Italy
Whether it's a cappuccino, named after Franciscan friars, or a bracing caffe corretto with a shot of grappa to fend off the cold, or a caffe shakerato in the summer, iced sweetened coffee and cream always shaken, not stirred -- Italy is THE place...
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Via Dè Cenci, 17, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
Tucked along a small cobbled road in the historic center of Arezzo - in the heart of Tuscany - is this small pasticceria. Family run for generations, this warm and cozy shop produces the best biscotti and pastries in Arezzo. And, as our...
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Via S. Francesco, 1, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
If you want a quiet anonymous dinner on your holiday, Buca Di San Francesco is NOT the place. But if you crave a warm personal Tuscan-style welcome, then carefully climb down the four wide stone steps and duck your head to enter the Mario de...
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Via Madonna Laura, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy
In our adopted Tuscan hometown Arezzo, stands a monument to the 14th century poet and Father of Humanism, Petrarch - Petrarca in Italian. That statue is in Parco Prato a couple of hundred steps from here - the home where he was born. Inside is a...
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The main square of the Tuscan town of Arezzo transforms into a jousting track when the bi-annual Joust of the Saracen - (a medieval term for the 'infidels' the Crusades sought to convert) takes place. The "primary" joust is in June, with the main...