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Amazing Galápagos

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A multi-day cruise through this famous archipelago fills the senses with the stuff of legend—the sight of giant tortoises in the wild, the pitter-patter of the blue-footed booby as it performs its mating dance, the feeling of salt-water spit from a sneezing marine iguana. Nowhere but here in these magnificent islands can you experience such weird and wonderful wildlife.
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Extraordinary events flourish on the Galápagos. And none more so than on North Seymour Island. Following a dry landing, head along the trail to the largest colony of frigate birds in the archipelago. This unique-looking species stands out from the...
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Isla Floreana, Ecuador
Picking up a postcard and delivering it to a stranger is usually a job for those carrying a brown satchel and driving a little red van. Here in the Galapagos, things run slightly differently. Post Office Bay, on Floreana Island, has a tradition...
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Bartolomé Island, Ecuador
Though the wildlife in the Galápagos gets most of the hype, the archipelago’s fantastically colored beaches get raves, too. These vary dramatically from island to island; while a beach on Rabida Island is crimson red (due to a high concentration...
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Fernandina Island, Ecuador
While Charles Darwin didn’t much care for the marine iguanas of the Galápagos (he dismissively dubbed them “imps of darkness”), modern-day travelers may find them fascinating. Endemic to the Galápagos, they are the only iguanas on earth that feed...
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Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Gardner Bay is a beloved snorkeling spot located on Española Island’s northeast. A sea lion playground also notable for rays, sharks, turtles, and schools of beautiful fish, this is a great location to get used to swimming in the...
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Few sights match watching a blue-footed booby performing its mating dance. Thanks to the well-preserved environment and visitor restrictions on the Galápagos, animals here flaunt their intimate routines in open view of the public. The...
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Española Island, Ecuador
Baby sea lions are some of the cutest and most curious animals on earth, though their parents (and the National Park naturalists) certainly won't appreciate you trying to play with them. And no, you can't take one home. Trust me. But you can get...
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Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador
No less than ten different subspecies of giant land tortoise are endemic to the Galápagos (meaning they’re found here and nowhere else). Up to five feet long and weighing more than 500 pounds, these primordial-looking, slow-moving creatures are...