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Dhërmi, Albania
Dhermi is a paradise. We found that the best place to eat in this secluded oasis along the stretch of Albanian coastline that straddles the Adriatic and Ionian Seas was the restaurant of the Hotel Lućiano. On their rickety deck hanging along a...
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Gjirokaster, Albania
Gjirokastër, also known as Gjirokastra, is an inland city in Southern Albania with a beautiful old town unlike anything I've ever seen in Europe. It was oppressively hot when we were there but we still made the trek up to the castle that's existed...
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Blue Eye, Albania
This place is in the middle of nowhere in Southern Albania. There is no bus stop. You just have to motion to the driver to pull over at the side of the road when you see a promising looking dirt trail. You take that trail off the main road, all...