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A Sahara "safari:" southern Tunisia

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Tozeur, Tunisia
You can't come to the Sahara and not ride a camel through the dunes. Or, I'm sure you can, but would you want to? Also, the signs advertising camel treks - usually accompanied by packs of the bored-looking beasts themselves - are so ubiquitous...
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Chebika, Tunisia
The ancient walled city of Tamerza, at the edge of a beautiful oasis, was abandoned in 1969 following 22 days of (unbelievable!) torrential downpour. A new, modern Tamerza was built to take its place, making use of the oasis in the middle of a...
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Chott el Djerid, Tunisia
Tunisia's Chott el Djerid is an enormous salt lake stretching about 5,000km around the southern half of the country. Neat, tidy stacks of salt line the road that traverses it, and the sight of occasional souvenir stands make you scratch your head,...
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Tataouine, Tunisia
"Tourist claptrap," harrumph the grumpies in your travel group, dismissing the tables laid out with bowls and dishes and, yeah ok, keychains and the like. It's true that in every single town we visited in southern Tunisia (such as here in...
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Chenini, Tunisia
Chenini is one of the best-known Berber towns in southern Tunisia, and with good reason: the second that white mosque comes into view, you're struck by how beautiful it is. (And you may also be struck by the number of visitors - as with all...