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A Perfect Day in Xi'an

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Yanta W Rd, XiaoZhai ShangYeJie, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710007
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a very cool historical site to visit in Xi'an. It was built in the seventh century to house Buddhist scriptures, statues, and other relics that were brought back to China by the Buddhist scholar and traveler Xuanzang....
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Qujiang Shangquan, Yanta, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 710061
This is a great little market directly across the street from the Westin and south of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It's oriented towards visitors and tourists, so there are lots of cheap souvenirs. However, there are also plenty of cool, locally...
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Lianhu, Xi'an, China, 710014
Xi'an's old city wall stretches about 14 kilometers around the city and has been carefully restored. Built to help defend the city, and wide enough to allow four carriages to travel along it side by side, it's been kept pretty much empty except...
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Beiyuanmen Snacks Street, Lianhu, Xi'an, China, 710001
You can't visit Xi'an without having a dumpling feast. Defachang is considered one of the best dumpling houses in the region. Call ahead to request the 18-course dumpling banquet so you can sample the many varieties. One of my favorites is this...
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China, Xian Shi, Yanta Qu, DaTang TongYiFang, 西安大雁塔南广场西侧 邮政编码: 710061
The Underground Palace is one of the strangest places I have ever visited. We stumbled upon it by chance while wandering along the west side of the wall around the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Despite not knowing what it was, we bought tickets and...
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55 Keji Rd, GaoXin ShangQuan, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710075
With several locations around the city (and around China), Sculpting in Time is known for its down-to-earth, relaxing vibe—paired with great coffee, of course. Once inside, you'll feel like you've stepped into someone's home. Order a cuppa, some...
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127 E 1st Rd, ZhongLou ShangQuan, Xincheng Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710005
Muslim noodle restaurants are ubiquitous all over China, but Xi'an, with its large Muslim population, has a far better class of them. Most restaurants have photos of the various dishes on the wall, and all you have to do is point. My personal...
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Beiyuanmen Snacks Street, Lianhu, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 710001
Located in the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an, China is the Great Mosque, the country’s oldest and most renowned mosque. The mosque dates back to 742 AD. From all outward appearances, it looks like a Chinese temple and not a mosque; pagodas have replaced...
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Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Located near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, this market is complete with stall after stall of curios, furniture, accent pieces and handicrafts, perfect for an afternoon of treasure hunting. Though beautiful and attractive, you'll need to search...
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Vice Versa is the best of many worlds. It serves Western fare by day as a cafe and restaurant, and at night it morphs into an underground bar serving cocktails and local and foreign beers. The bar also hosts a variety of bands for intimate live...
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Xi An Zhong Lou, ZhongLou ShangQuan, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710001
The Bell Tower of Xi'an is one of the city's most famous attractions. Cities of Ancient China each had their own bell tower and drum tower, which were used to tell time. Bells were rung at dawn, while the sound of drums signaled dusk's arrival....
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Nanliu Alley, ZhongLou ShangQuan, Beilin Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
There are many night markets in Xi'an. One of the best is in the ancient city, near to the old Drum and Bell Towers. It's the perfect starting point for an evening walk through town or just a great option for fresh, authentic, and cheap food.