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7x7 Guide to Belize: Southern Region

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AFAR sent Ambassador Kirsten Alana on a trip of a lifetime to experience what it truly means to "Discover How To Be” across all 7 regions in Belize. Discover the Southern Region.
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The Punta Gorda Market lies not far from the lapping waters of the ocean, on a street lined with shops and casual cafes. From overturned milk crates, out of the backs of trucks and underneath rainbow-colored umbrellas, Belizeans sell everything...
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Hopeville 6, Punta Gorda, Belize
The pink-painted building is hard to miss. Situated on the narrow, paved road that leads into Punta Gorda and looking out at the ocean, Beya Suites is of the few places to stay in the area. Rooms are simple and clean, with balcony access if they’...
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19 Main Street, Punta Gorda, Belize
We approached a lattice-fronted building from which laughter was emanating and soft light illuminated rough wooden tables. A group of young people sat around the remains of what seemed like a leisurely meal on one side of the restaurant. The other...
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Moho River, Belize
The clean, gently flowing Moho River is an ideal place for kayakers of all levels to experience natural Belize and to see a different perspective of the country. An abundant animal population including turtles and iguanas and many different kinds...
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Aguacate, Belize
Maya history and heritage is a large part of the culture of Belize, and the best way to really learn about this native group of people is to stay in a Maya home overnight. During the cultural exchange program you can learn how to harvest corn,...
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Punta Gorda, Belize
Cacao is such an important product in Belize that there is now an annual Chocolate Festival taking place in Punta Gorda. Usually lasting two days, it draws businesses, artisan-chocolatiers and consumers from all over Belize. There is also a street...
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The ruins of Lubaantun, a Maya city that thrived from around AD 700 to 900 but was abandoned soon after, are somewhat unusual in a country where Maya ruins are almost common. Black slate is the primary building material. There’s a noticeable lack...