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Jobson's Bay, Bermuda
Tufts of green shrubbery atop jagged boulders surround the crystal clear water at Jobson’s Cove on Bermuda’s South Shore. These limestone and lava boulders have created a shallow pool that is quite calm and excellent for snorkelers and families...
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Sandys Parish, Bermuda
Bermuda is located along the northernmost coral reef system in the world and offers a variety of shipwrecks and colorful reefs for aquatic adventurers. PADI-certified diving professionals at Fantasea Diving and Watersports, near the Royal Naval...
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St Monica's Rd, Bermuda
Art Mels is a local favorite that Joy is happy to share with visitors to the island. While Art Mels may be off the beaten path, their fish sandwiches have been described as the best on the island—even as the best sandwich in the world by one food...
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Horseshoe Bay Cove, Bermuda
When you see a photo of a Bermuda beach, it is probably Horseshoe Bay. Loved by snorkelers, swimmers, and shutterbugs, Horseshoe Bay is backed by limestone cliffs and fronted by coral reefs and crystal clear water rushing up to meet a...
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Walsingham Lane, Bermuda
Walsingham Nature Reserve, known by locals as Tom Moore’s Jungle, is 12 acres of mangroves, caves, and pools of deep blue water. Within this area is the 1.5-acre Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve. Go hiking and birdwatching through forests of greenery...
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2 Washington St, Hamilton, Bermuda
If you’re looking for cozy, casual, and tasty with an Azorean island ambiance, look no further than Café Acoreano. Located near the Hamilton Bus Station, Café Acoreano blends Bermuda’s Portuguese heritage into its selection of pastries, tarts, and...
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3 Burnaby St, Hamilton, Bermuda
Sign up for a private or group stand-up paddleboard, or SUP, yoga session. SUP yoga is the same as regular yoga, but performed on a paddleboard on the water. Don’t worry about balance. Those boards are wide. If you can stand up, you can SUP. Trust...
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69 South Road, Southampton SN02, Bermuda
Henry VIII has been an island favorite for 40 years. Not surprisingly, given its namesake, the restaurant serves some typical English dishes—but the menu also includes some of the island’s best sushi. The food comes with ocean views that are...
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Bermuda doesn't have a bobsled team, but they have snow cones. I was hoping the sun would come out so the shop would open. More reason to go back!
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8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda
As stalactites drip from above and stalagmites rise from the floor, the caves found below the surface of Bermuda create an otherworldly wonder for kids. Discovered by two young boys in 1907, Crystal Cave has a 50-foot-deep subterranean lake full...
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11 Blue Hole Hill Hamilton, Hamilton Parish CR04, Bermuda
The oldest pub on Bermuda is the place to be on the island. Get yourself swizzled on a famous Rum Swizzle or three... then staple your business card to the ceiling to prove you were there.
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101 South Shore Road, Southampton SN02, Bermuda
Rum is an important part of daily life on Bermuda, and locals have incorporated it all aspects of their culture. As a visitor though this locally made liquor is best served in the national drinks of Bermuda, the Rum Swizzle and the Dark ‘N’...
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Queen St, Bermuda
The abundance of tropical flowers and plant life flourishing along Bermuda’s sunny shores makes it a prime location for the creation of fabulous fragrances. The Bermuda Perfumery has been blending essential oils and floral essences into...