The Island of Hawaii

Mainland domestic travelers can land directly at both Hilo and Kona international airports, but most international and many domestic flights connect through Honolulu International Airport on Oahu. Honolulu serves major U.S. airlines alongside international carriers like Japan Airlines, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and Air Canada. Hawaiian, Island Air, and Mokulele airlines operate interisland flights for travelers arriving from within the state of Hawaii.

The Island of Hawaii may seem small, but it is large and low-density enough to warrant a car rental. Guests who prefer to stay in one place for most of their trip can rely on taxis and shuttles, and tour companies typically provide pickup services and meet guests at their hotels. But a car is recommended for a trip including both sides of the island. Allow two hours to drive between Hilo and Kona, an hour from Hilo to Volcanoes National Park, and 90 minutes from the town of Volcano to South Point. With some scheduling flexibility, travelers can take advantage of plentiful roadside stops.