Southern Africa
Before you depart, make sure you have enough room in your passport for visa stamps and remember to carry proof of return flights. Ask your doctor for advice on vaccinations for travel to rural areas. Antimalarials are recommended for travel through parts of Southern Africa and can be picked up at travel clinics in Cape Town or Johannesburg for a fraction of the cost of in the United States. Travel is generally safe in Southern Africa. When visiting remote areas, bring a cell phone in case of emergency. Purchase a local SIM card and a data bundle at a phone store or post office. Avoid flashy displays of jewelry and cameras in all major cities. While on safari, stay inside the vehicle and respect your ranger's instructions. Be aware of news headlines, and take care in conversation to avoid sensitive issues like politics and corruption. In terms of responsible travel, consider seasonality and drought conditions and take shorter showers. Ask before taking photographs of people. Recycling bins are almost always available, so use them. There are ATMs in most cities.