Southern Africa

Trace the footsteps of former president and human rights activist Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Sit with a tribe of Himba women and learn why they rub red ochre over their hair and skin. Venture into Botswana’s Kalahari desert, where San bushmen will share natural plant remedies for common malaises. In Harare, witness a vibrant arts scene flourishing in a nation governed by a longstanding dictator.

There’s always something happening in Southern Africa. Oenophiles will enjoy the March harvest season festivals which take place across the wine farms in South Africa’s Western Cape. Burning Man fans won’t want to miss April’s Afrikaburn, held in South Africa’s Karoo desert. San tribes from around Botswana gather in D’Kar each August for the Kuru Dance Festival. In Harare, celebrate Southern Africa’s best musicians and artists during the six-day HIFA Festival each May. End the year on a high note and attend the Victoria Falls Carnival in Zimbabwe.