Due to its central location, Switzerland is easily accessible from just about anywhere in Europe. High-speed trains offer routes to and from surrounding countries, and an extensive road system allows cars and buses to enter. International airports exist in the cities of Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, all serviced by multiple airlines including SWISS. No visitor restrictions apply for stays of up to three months, after which a visa is required.

Thanks to a famously efficient public transportation system by which you can literally set your watch—coupled with well-maintained alpine mountain roads—travel through Switzerland is quite splendid. Outlying towns are accessible by train, bus, or boat, but due to the sparseness of some areas it’s advisable to check timetables beforehand. Cities and towns should be explored on foot or by bicycle—Zurich's bike-rental facilities are conveniently located throughout the city, including the train station—just show your passport, leave a deposit, and borrow a bike for free! In winter, many mountain passes are closed, so drivers should contact Automobile Club der Schweiz before making a journey. Drivers are also required to purchase a tax disc (vignette), costing 40 Swiss Francs ($45 US).