No matter where you're coming from, Genoa is easy to access, with a major airport and two large train stations within five miles of the city center. Most international flights arrive in Milan or Rome, both with great connecting flights to Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport. Because of the peculiar mountainous topography, flights must turn out to sea and then come in along the coastline, so if you sit on the right side of the plane, your views are spectacular. Train service is excellent from all over Italy.

The Genovese are proud of their metro, which is clean and runs consistently but has only eight stations. While not convenient for extensive travel, connections to both train stations do simplify city arrival and departure. There are few cabs to hail—instead, look for cabstands at major junctions like the Aquarium and Piazza Ferrari. Primarily, Genoa is a walking city, so bring comfy shoes and enjoy exploring on foot.