By far the most convenient way to get to Iceland is by plane: airlines that fly there from Europe and North America include Air Iceland, WOW, Atlantic Airways, Icelandair and SAS. Ferrying is also possible from some Nordic countries such as Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

A convenient highway (Route 1) encircles most of the country except the Westfjords. There are many guided tours by bus and 4x4 available from main cities like Reykjavik and Akureyri, and during the summer an extensive network of bus routes links most places on the Ring Road and larger towns in the Westfjords (the rest of the year, these services tend to be irregular and sometimes nonexistent). Renting a car allows the most freedom to see everything at your own pace. Cycling is another cool option, though the changeable weather makes safety a crucial consideration especially with the storms, gales, and icy roads of the off-season. The only way to see much of the interior is by walking, climbing, and hiking; again, many companies organize tours and walks, but if you decide to go it alone be sure to research your route thoroughly and check with tourist boards for advice and information before setting out.