Queen Beatrix International Airport is modern and well-organized. Most major carriers offer daily nonstop flights to and from the United States and other international destinations. Hotels cannot pick up arriving guests, but fixed-price taxi services are available upon arrival. Note that it can take a long time to clear Customs at the airport. Visas are not required for visitors from North America.

Traffic in Aruba’s towns can be maddening at rush hour, when it may seem that there are more cars on the roads than people on the island. Get away from the main thoroughfares, however, and you’ll feel like you have the entire island to yourself. If renting a car, be cautious of driving around when a cruise ship is in port; visitors often wander the streets without paying attention to traffic, which can be dangerous for all parties. A bicycle is a safer and more enjoyable way of exploring the island. Many hotels can arrange rentals for you.