Your Winter Travel Horoscope Is Here

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Your Winter Travel Horoscope Is Here
Not sure where to go this winter? Let the stars be your guide. Click through for your Winter 2017 horoscope.
Illustration by A. Salamandra
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    Your Winter 2017 Horoscope
    Why do we travel? Some of us pack our bags for business, or we visit family. Others travel to escape business or family. Whether it’s for work or play, if we keep our intentions centered on learning from life’s experiences, then our travels become our greatest teacher. That’s the main reason for our journeys: to expand and enrich our life’s experiences. So what’s your intention? Where shall you go? When shall you go? Let’s explore Winter 2017 through the lens of astrology.
    Illustration by A. Salamandra
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    Capricorn, this is your season. That said, business travel has incredible potential in the first quarter of the year—as long as it’s for all of the right reasons. As noted above: Intention is everything. Intend to do truly meaningful work that affects the greatest number of people. If you are traveling for rejuvenation or pleasure, then visiting places as far away from home as possible and trying something totally new are best for you.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: All of February and March, lucky.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: All of March.
    Illustration by A. Salamandra
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    With Jupiter in your solar ninth house this season, this is the time to expand your horizons. In astrology, the ninth house is the area of life where we break free from anything and everything holding us back. It’s a feeling akin to being 18 and leaving home with a pocketful of cash and a Euro Rail pass . . . and you’ve never even been to a large city, let alone a different country! It’s a feeling of a whole big life ahead of you and YOU MUST ENGAGE IT! So do it! Plan your most mind-expanding, life-enriching, and cross-cultural adventure possible. Make it the best ever. Travel to a place you’ve never been that you’ve always wanted to go. Sit by the Ganges in India, tour Angkor Wat, or immerse yourself in a small town in Africa—just be sure that it’s a new culture for you.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: Later February or March would be best.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: You’ve got the next six months to pull off your epic adventure.
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    There’s a lot happening for you this season. My hope is that there’s a revitalization of your energy levels and a corresponding motivation to take your power back, whatever that may mean to you. This season, leisure travel is about—astrologically speaking, of course—applying a balm to those old pains, scars, angers, resentments, and wounds. A lot, I know. But the return on investment is high and the healing power of travel is not to be underestimated. My hope is that travel is a tool that may root out the last of what’s keeping you from your most glorious life. (Which is to say, if you are already living your most glorious life, travel will take you to the NEXT level. Wow.) Tour hot springs in Iceland, visit a Siberian shaman, or rent a house by the ocean and meditate, synching your breaths with the crashing waves.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: The last two weeks of January or the month of March.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: Any time in January after the 8th.
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    If you’re traveling for business this season, you’re in a powerful position. When you combine your talents or resources with another’s—your idea plus their money, for instance—great things can happen. Doing so before February 5th could be quite powerful and transformative. However, since every coin in the Astrological Mint has two sides, I must say that the slightest thought of any unethical dealings would backfire times 10. Moreover, Mars, your ruling planet, is at home in your sign on January 29th until March 10th, Venus enters February 4th, and stations retrograde on March 4th. That is to say: The Force is strong with you this spring. Use it to your advantage in your business travels. After you seal the deal, you’ll need to regenerate. Grab your partner, good buddy, or cohort and be open to receiving some energy back. While reestablishing your equilibrium, you’ll need one thing: beauty. Find it at the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, a day at the Louvre or the Taj Mahal, or just a classic spa break. You put out so much this winter that after March 4th, be open to receiving a little peace.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: Before February 5th.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: After March 4th.
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    Astrologically speaking, we all need revolution in some aspect of our lives. Taurus, in general, needs this breakthrough in the realm of faith: knowing that everything happens for a reason and that there is wisdom in the flow of the universe. For you, travel this season is about reclaiming that faith. How can we do that? We must engage this world and see what is beautiful. We must contribute. While I usually like to suggest spas and hot springs for you sensually oriented Taureans, this time I’m suggesting a volunteer vacation. Provide a service. There are many areas of the world where a helping hand would be greatly appreciated. Fiji is less expensive if you’re traveling there to teach English. The same is true of Ghana or Laos. Try for a world of volunteer travel. Contributing this way will restore any faith or meaning to life that you may be seeking.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: February 6th through February 26th and again after March 13th.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: Any time this winter.
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    If you’re traveling for business this season, both you and your co-workers have great potential for maximum return on your investments. Traveling this way is highlighted all season long, especially if your business takes you across the ocean or the continent. In fact, this could be the big break you’ve been hoping for! But it’s your vacation I’m excited to tell you about. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter, the planet of adventure, is in your 5th house of fun. If you’ve ever wanted to go on a Disneyland adventure, this is the season for it. I’d go so far as to say that if you actually take me up on my suggestion to go to Las Vegas with a couple grand to spin on the wheel, I should get 10 percent of your winnings! The first weekend in February is best for speculation. Whatever it is, travel for joy, fun, energy release, and finding your inner child.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: Mid-February to mid-March.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: Any time this winter!
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    The age-old astrological need for Cancer, archetypically speaking, is the need to feel safe in the world. Some Cancers do this by hiding. Some do it by building an impervious shell. But integrating your sensitive, loving, feeling nature with your need to engage the world is paramount this season. This shows up in both vacation and business travel. Taking the family out into the world is a great remedy. If you live in the country, try a sightseeing trip to San Francisco and walk the Golden Gate Bridge (dress warmly), tour North Beach, or buy a tie-dye tee in the Haight. However, if you are a city dweller, I’ll recommend WWOOFing. Check out for more info. Additional advice for this season: Check the stats twice to make sure you’re trusting the right people. If the scales seem unbalanced, they probably are.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: February 8th to 26th, and again March 12th to April 7th.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: Any time this winter!
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    I’d love to sit here and tell you to take the whole season off and play like Leos love to do. However, this is an excellent season to travel for all work-related issues. Whether it’s setting up new clients or checking in with current ones, long or short trips for business can be very profitable. Even if you are traveling for fun and relaxation, it may still be prudent to edify yourself and expand your knowledge and wisdom. Take day trips to the history museum or arboretum. Travel to historical sites that pique your interest. How about a trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota, to the North House Folk School to learn how to carve a spoon and bowl out of birch or how to build a yurt?

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: February 26th-March 13th.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: Any time after February 8th.
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    You Virgos are perfect. I mean that. There is no other sign so willing to improve on whatever situation they find themselves in or to perfect their skills. Virgos make things better. Vacation this season is about perfecting yourself. Do something that increases your confidence, improves your skills, increases your resource base, or heals you with a long, deep ahhhh. My astro-recommendation for this season is a wilderness adventure. Prove to yourself that you are capable of anything! Try yurt-to-Yurt dog sledding in Northern Minnesota or a weeklong hike through the Costa Rican jungle. Whatever it is, afterward I’d love to hear you say, “I DID IT!” Or better yet, “Who’s up for round two?”

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: All of March
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: All of January
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    Looking at your solar chart for this season, I can imagine your travel being about shaking out old cobwebs. Some Libras may need to travel to the past. I’m not exactly sure how that percolates up into your own life, but spending time back home on the farm could bring up exactly what needs to be healed. I’m going out on a limb here, but some of us subscribe to the notion of having past lives. Could you have been a queen? Go see the old castle. A merchant (or pirate) on the high seas? Take a cruise around Cape Horn. Feel your past (this life or another) and travel to heal it. If you are traveling for business or necessity, I recommend a “get in and get out” approach. Keep it simple and avoid excess expenses. Save those for the big trip.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: Around January 27th.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: February 10th-24th.
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    You Scorpios, if you’re business-minded, have incredible power in this realm this season. Just remember the words Uncle Ben gave to Peter Parker in the original Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you can master that, you become the Master. Travel for fun and business, believe it or not, can be done at the same time. So combine them. Close the deal in Manhattan and then order a big steak and a perfect wine at Smith & Wollensky. Expand your business in Australia then see the opera in Sydney. Consult with organic farmers in Wisconsin then tour Organic Valley headquarters and see how it’s done right. Being slightly frugal is a good idea—but travel is also about experiences. Find the balance by taking the subway but ordering that steak.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: January 10th-February 3rd.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: January 10th-February 3rd.
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    Suggesting travel for Sagittarius is like suggesting a human inhale oxygen. Any day is a good travel day! Chances are we’ve had some challenges of late, reeling in the excess and focusing our vision. Whatever the challenge, its purpose—like weight lifting—is to make us stronger. So, by the time February comes around, we are ready for the party. Travel for festival, fiesta, celebration, and the reclaiming of your natural childlike joy and wonder! No gentle breezes or relaxing spas suggested here; pure adventure only. Heli-skiing? Sail boarding? Whitewater rafting? Anything that elicits a “Wheee!” or an “Ohmygod…aaaaaaaahhhh! Whew-AWESOME!” will be as refreshing as your morning coffee. Remember how amazing you are, but don’t overextend yourself. If you travel in March, take it slow and do it for healing purposes.

    Best travel dates for business or necessity: January through the end February.
    Best travel dates for pleasure or rejuvenation: All winter.
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