When to Travel This Year, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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When to Travel This Year, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
When to travel based on your zodiac
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    When to Travel This Year, Based on Your Astrological Sign
    Last year, we told you where to go according to your astrological sign. This year, we're answering when to go. We tapped evolutionary astrologer Ryan Evans for his advice once again—read on to find out the best time for you to embark on your trips, big and small.

    As your faithful Sagittarian travel guide, I have been tasked to offer you the best trip dates for the Zodiacal year, March 21, 2016 through March 21, 2017. (Note: This is based on you sun sign only.) Other factors can play a role in determining your best travel dates, so these are suggestions—not set-in-stone declarations of when your perfect trip can and cannot happen. With that, let's find out when you should be traveling this year according to your sign.
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    Business travel, especially to foreign lands, may be big for you this year. Expanding your business, taking a training or certification program, or finishing a degree would all be excellent reasons to hit the road. Doing these during your solar month—the end of March through the end of April—would be best. Traveling for fun, relaxation, romance, or rejuvenation is best left to the summer season of Cancer, June 21 through July 21. I could imagine a big ahhhh on that vacation. December 2016 may be a big month for travel as well. As always, Aries, you are the adventurer and pioneer—we’ll follow (almost) any trail you blaze.

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    TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20)
    “Whatever happens, Bilbo Baggins; when you return, you will not be the same hobbit who left the shire,” Gandalf spoke to a young hobbit, content in his study and smoking jacket. And the same goes for you this year, Taurus. Travel this year will leave you transformed, more powerful and wiser than when you left—which is great news for you. Therefore, to take advantage of the more nourishing and refreshing possibilities, traveling from mid-November throughout December would be best. April and May are looking pretty great, too!

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    GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20)
    Gemini are always on the move. Variety is your spice of life, so if you remain in one place too long without at least a short trip, it's a recipe for frustration. Travel for this sign must be interesting and edifying: seeing new places, learning some history, and the occasional surprise are all recommended. For you, short trips for business are best in July. But don't jump the gun with your epic journey: Longer trips, vacations for rejuvenation and relaxation, and those which help break up the monotony are best over the winter holidays.

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    CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22)
    While staycations are often recommended for this homebody sign, Cancers love the way the land can speak to them. Watching the spring emerge from the frozen tundra can inspire Cancer to feel more grounded and alive. Traveling with this in mind, you can find great joy packing your suitcase in the month of April and chasing the cherry blossomsYou'll benefit from short educational or utilitarian trips all year long—so if the opportunity arises to add to your mental repertoire or skill set, any time is a great time for travel.

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    LEO (JULY 23-AUGUST 22)
    Adventure, celebration, and good old-fashioned fun are what you need, astrologically speaking, with Mars as your ruling planet of travel. Mars finds his power conquering his fears, leaving him self-assured and more confident. Can that apply to your vacation this year? Mid-September is a great time to do something crazy, like get get lost in the Sierras (but make sure to turn on your GPS after a few hours so you just pretend to get lost). You’ll probably end up bringing your satellite computer too, because after a few days off, there’ll be plenty of work to do.

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    Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, makes everything bigger. Sometimes that means better—sometimes it just means inflation. Since Jupiter is in your sign until mid-September, using his influence properly means keeping optimistic and not underestimating your capabilities. Doing this can help to bring lightness, buoyancy, and meaningfulness into your life. Choosing a vacation in May could elicit those feelings in you. I know spring is a busy time, but you have all summer to get the work done. Short trips are favored all year if you keep your wits about you.

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    Are you going to school this year? Maybe art School? In May? While I know I’m talking to a tiny percentage of Libras, if you had a hankerin’ to go to school, then the cosmic energies say yes! Another great expression of this energy is to travel during this time to gather information or to visit dear friends. In fact, traveling to visit friends could save you a bundle on lodging. But the big news is that on September 9, Jupiter enters your sign for a year. This is your once-in-a-twelve-year shot at expanding and beautifying your life. Take an adventure to a restorative place anytime up to your 2017 birthday!

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    As a Scorpio, you are no stranger to intensity. Therefore, vacation must be about rejuvenation. For the most healing and restoring vacation, mid-June to mid-July is best. Traveling to the family cabin or vacation home, if that’s possible, could be a calming experience. Pay attention and be mindful not to let others distract you on your short trips this year, too—perhaps, try a solo trip. January of 2017 looks like an excellent time for business trips. Expanding your business, making new connections, and increasing activity in general at that time should have you grateful for the memories of your relaxing summer trip.

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    As a Sagittarius, you are the epitome of a great traveler—so you always have a green light to travel. However, your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Virgo until September 9th. Virgo’s whole mission is to improve upon things. So, if you travel before that date, do so for work, restoration of health, or helping family or friends with projects. Go on a wonderful vacation just to get away anytime thereafter. Another thing to keep in mind: Saturn, the planet of improvement and growing up, is in your sign until the end of 2017—so keep it real, be conservative, avoid risky situations, and, while I know you love your great leaps, take it one step at a time.

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    Advancing your degree or otherwise expanding your mind is an excellent investment now through September. If you’ve chosen to get the diploma, certificate, or for that matter, teach a class this year as you travel, you get an A+ in your astrology. Now through April, as well as spring 2017, are perfect times for more abbreviated adventures—a shorter power vacation or weekend getaway at these times could be wonderfully restorative. Sitting on the beach for three days and two nights, doing a 50-mile road trip, or even chanting alone in a cave for a couple nights could be inspirational and empowering.

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    AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20-Feb 18)
    If you can maintain your ninja-like focus through your natural innate genius, good for you: you can ride the waves of activity and change in your realm of short trips with grace and ease. With all of that juggling this year, it will be so refreshing when you take your great vacation. While a mid-September vacation is perfect for your restorative process, the whole year after that time is great for expanding your education, art or leisure endeavors, or making new connections abroad.

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    Not to live vicariously through you, Pisces, but I like to picture you, with your innate talents of romance, poetry, and imagination, as professional vacationers. Astrologically, long-distance travel can help you to, as Henry David Thoreau said, “Live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” Travel can enrich your life and provide a well of inspiration and gratitude at the beauty of life. Windows between now and mid-July, as well as the first week of October, both look great to find what you’re looking for. Travel for business this spring—as well as spring 2017.

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