The 15 Most-Instagrammed Bakeries and Cafés in 2016

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The 15 Most-Instagrammed Bakeries and Cafés in 2016
In 2016, no meal goes unphotographed—and thanks to Instagram, it was clear that we ate a lot of pastries this year. From doughnuts to cookies to cupcakes and more, we shared these sweet treats in our feed just before devouring them. We’ve rounded up the most-Instagrammed bakeries across the United States to kick-start your 2017 pastry plans. But don’t worry: There are still three more weeks of 2016 to get your sweets before New Year’s resolution time.
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    15. Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood, CA)
    You've definitely seen Randy’s Donuts before: The 60-year-old shop has been in dozens of movies and television shows since it opened. In all of its years, the shop has never sold out to fame. The doughnuts are still handmade, simple, and cheap. Grab a glazed or jelly-filled doughnut or an apple fritter and make sure to snap a photo in front of the shop. Do it for the ’gram.

    Plan Your Trip: Inglewood, CA 
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    14. Five Daughters Bakery (Nashville)
    When it comes to baking, the people at Five Daughters Bakery know what they’re doing. Owner Isaac Meek is a third-generation baker who learned from his great-grandfather, who had a cake shop, and his grandfather, who owned a pizzeria. Meek runs the bakery with his wife Stephanie (it’s named in honor of their five daughters) and makes everything from a version of a cronut to vegan and Paleo doughnuts. 

    Plan Your Trip: Nashville
    Courtesy of Five Daughters Bakery
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    13. Tartine Bakery (San Francisco)
    You’ll be able to spot Tartine Bakery from a distance because of the line of people snaking down the block. San Franciso’s most famous bakery does everything well, but it’s particularly known for bread and croissants. We’d also recommend grabbing a cup of bread pudding, a small banana cream pie, or a morning bun. 

    Plan Your Trip: San Francisco
    Courtesy of Tartine Bakery
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    12. Leonard’s Bakery, Honolulu
    Leonard’s Bakery claims to be Hawaii’s first malasada bakery. These eggy, doughnut-like pastries originated in the Azores but became a Hawaiian staple once bakers started filling them with local flavors like lilikoi (passionfruit) and haupia (coconut) custard.

    Plan Your Trip: Hawaii
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    11. Extraordinary Desserts (San Diego)
    The dulce de leche chocolate cake at Extraordinary Desserts put this café on the map when it was featured on The Food Network. Locals and tourists alike now line up for slices of the chocolate, caramel, and cookie crunch layer cake among other treats, including crème brûlée and lemon bars. 

    Plan Your Trip: San Diego
    Courtesy of Extraordinary Desserts
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    10. Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food (Austin)
    Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food has three storefronts throughout Austin and each offers its own twist. The downtown location gets the most action because it serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and even does a buy-one-get-one burger special on Tuesdays. It’s your typical coffee shop and then some, because everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

    Plan Your Trip: Austin
    Courtesy of Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food
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    9. Spot Dessert Bar (New York)
    Spot Dessert Bar reimagines classic desserts and turns them into colorful and delicious creations. For example, check out this chocolate green tea lava cake (pictured) or a banana chouff puff or coconut monkey bread. You can even try up to five different treats from its seasonal tapas-style menu or splurge on the omakase, which includes six desserts, four macarons, and a pot of tea. 

    Plan Your Trip: New York City
    Courtesy of Spot Dessert Bar
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    8. Donut Bar (San Diego)
    Donut Bar allows you to preorder a dozen or more doughnuts the day before you need them. This means that you’ll have an entire day to look forward to and prepare for Instagram shots of your maple-bourbon or chocolate-Twix doughnut.

    Plan Your Trip: San Diego
    Courtesy of Donut Bar
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    7. Balthazar Bakery (New York)
    Balthazar is one of New York City’s most popular bakeries and is likely to have a lot more tags on Instagram in 2017 when it celebrates its 20th year. The bakery’s dedication to classic French pastries like croquembouche and varieties of petit fours and rustic loaves of bread have turned this bakery into a New York classic. 

    Plan Your Trip: New York City
    Courtesy of Balthazar Bakery
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    6. Carlo’s Bakery (Hoboken, NJ)
    Carlo’s Bakery became famous once its owner was featured on the TLC show Cake Boss. Despite the fame, the bakery has stayed true to its roots and offers plenty of Italian-inspired pastries. We’re partial to the cannoli and the Napoleon, but you’ve got to try the Italian rainbow cookies if you’ve never had one.  

    Plan Your Trip: New Jersey
    Courtesy of Carlo’s Bakery
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    5. Levain Bakery (New York)
    Levain Bakery was created by two friends who had a joint vision to create the world’s best chocolate-chip cookie (dream big, kids!) and so they did just that. Over the past 20 years, the bakery has expanded its chocolate-chip cookie dreams to include sweet and savory breads, tarts, and brioche. You can even find customers ’gramming their Levain treats while wearing merchandise from the bakery—true dedication. 

    Plan Your Trip: New York City
    Courtesy of Levain Bakery
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    4. Georgetown Cupcake (Washington, D.C.)
    We’ve finally made it to the cupcakes! It’s been a tough year for politics, which probably explains why there were so many cupcake ’grams at Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, D.C. Dessert can get you through anything—even a messy election. 

    Plan Your Trip: Washington, D.C.
    Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake
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    3. California Donuts (Los Angeles)
    When a doughnut shop is open 24 hours a day, there’s always a chance to Instagram your sweets. We’d recommend the panda donut, which features Oreo cookies on a vanilla frosted doughnut. It makes for a perfectly cute panda-faced photo.  

    Plan Your Trip: Los Angeles
    Courtesy of California Donuts
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    2. Voodoo Doughnut (Austin)
    You’ve probably heard of this well-known doughnut shop that originated in Portland and now has locations across the West and as far-flung as Taiwan. It helped to start the trend of crazy doughnut flavors with its Captain Crunch, Froot Loops, and bacon-maple doughnuts. Be sure to try the namesake voodoo doll doughnut, filled with raspberry jam so that it’s authentic when you bite the head off. 

    Plan Your Trip: Austin
    Courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut Austin
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    1. Café Du Monde (New Orleans)
    There’s no surprise that Café Du Monde tops the list of the most Instagrammed cafés and bakeries of 2016. It’s the top destination for everyone who visits New Orleans and wants to try beignets. Waiting in line is unavoidable, but service is fast and your plate of heavily-powdered pillows of fried dough won’t last long. Best of all, if you get a late-night beignet craving, the French Quarter location is open 24 hours a day. 

    Plan Your Trip: New Orleans
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