Street Style from New York Fashion Week

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Street Style from New York Fashion Week
Fashion week in New York has come to a close—but in the Big Apple, every week is Fashion Week. We’re looking beyond the tents and heading to the streets to find the city’s most fashionable residents.
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    Smart Accessories
    New Yorkers take accessorizing seriously. A hat and necklace aren’t enough, but a book with matching colors on the cover adds the perfect touch.
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    Over the Shoulder
    In New York, Central Park bridges always double as catwalks.
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    The best accessory
    One statement piece that can’t be purchased is a beautiful smile.
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    We’re tipping our hats to this casual chic weekend look.
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    Beauty Accessories
    Coordinating your lipstick with your skirt is always a yes.
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    Style Overload
    Being so stylish can be exhausting.
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    Seeing Double
    This stylish duo seems to have thought out every element of their respective looks.
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    Put a Beanie on it
    This fashion-forward local shows us that faux fur and beanies are the perfect cold weather combo.
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    Leather looks
    Leather pants can instantly take an outfit from day to night.
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    Standing Out
    Stylish New Yorkers can often be seen wearing black from head to toe, but it doesn’t mean that they blend in.
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    If the street art matches your outfit, it’s only appropriate to stop for a photo.
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    Pink on Pink
    If you look closely, this stylish New Yorker’s shades are exactly the same color as her blouse.
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    What Snow?
    If there’s a way to look stylish in a blizzard, this is it.
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    Photog Style
    Sometimes those who are always behind the camera deserve to be in front of it.
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