See Italy Through Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s Eyes

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See Italy Through Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s Eyes
Italy has a special meaning to New York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff: It’s a source of creative inspiration, and it’s where some of her most memorable moments with her family have taken place—including her wedding. We spoke to her about her most recent trip and found out where she stayed, shopped, and indulged in the good life. From the September/October 2016 issue.

Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff.
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    La Reggia di Venaria
    “I spend most of my time in New York, but Italy is where I go to for creative inspiration and relaxation. This latest trip began as a work visit, and then turned into a family vacation. We started in Piedmont, with a visit to the former palace, La Reggia di Venaria. Its symmetry and size makes it incredibly striking. The kids ran around the gardens and had the best time—they were completely free to roam around, and being in such a beautiful place made it really magical. We ended the day with a few glasses of wine at Villa Carlotta while we watched the sunset. Total perfection.” 

    Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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    Townhouse Galleria
    “Then we spent two nights at the Townhouse Galleria in Milan. I love how the hotel is filled with light. Also the sheer size of it is really breathtaking—it’s unlike any other place I’ve stayed.”

    Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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    Lake Como
    “Next, we sailed on Lake Como. I already miss it.”

    Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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    Vintage Shopping
    "I definitely made time for shopping. Sometimes, I’ll check out unknown, local designers. And I like to watch artisans work in the leather shops—it feels so intimate. But there’s nothing quite like the treasures I’ve found vintage shopping over the years. My favorite is an almond-colored messenger bag in soft, worn-in leather.”

    Photo by Silvia Sala/Flickr
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    Local Olive Oil
    “This time, I brought back local olive oil! It’s the best thing to bring home. Whenever you cook, you think of your trip.”

    Photo by UpStickNGoCrew/Flickr
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    Wine, Pasta, and Happiness
    “We’re so relaxed when we’re in Italy. Sometimes, we just pop into a hole-in-the-wall and leave thinking it was the best meal we’ve had. It’s a lot less about being chic and more about sitting outside with a bottle of wine, eating incredible pasta, and being with my family—it doesn’t get any better than that. We usually go for reds and maybe a rosé in the summer. And we love a carbonara! On every trip, I'm struck by the fact that Italians don’t live to work, they work to live. They enjoy their families, their wine and food, and value happiness over everything. It’s why my husband and I got married here.”

    Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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