Scenic Spots to Enjoy Wine

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Scenic Spots to Enjoy Wine
Whatever the season, lifestyle photographer Charissa Fay finds there’s nothing more relaxing than sharing wine with family or friends. “Hearing the sound of a cork being pulled out of a new bottle and seeing a beautiful red or white poured always calms my nerves and senses,” she says. “Whether I travel for work or pleasure, I love to seek out beautiful vistas to enjoy a glass of wine. It’s the perfect opportunity to quietly soak in the scenery and embrace the local lifestyle.” Her appreciation of the good life and natural luxury rings true to the winemaking philosophy of Cloudy Bay. And its refreshing citrusy Sauvignon Blanc and spicy Pinot Noir pair perfectly with these scenic spots Charissa recently explored.
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    A boat ride around the charming island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, takes you past golden beaches, high bluffs, shingled cottages, glittering marinas, and historic lighthouses. With the warm sun on your face and an ocean breeze in your hair, it’s a perfect summer afternoon out. Perfect Pairing: Cloudy Bay’s bright Sauvignon Blanc
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    New York City
    My favorite New York City season is fall when Central Park's foliage explodes with color. Oranges, reds, yellows—these beautiful, earthy hues provide a stunning backdrop for the city. I love to wander through the park's trails to find the most beautiful pockets of color and then settle on the Great Lawn for an urban picnic with a basket of smoked chicken sandwiches, a grain salad, and mixed berry tarts. Perfect Pairing: Cloudy Bay's spicy, fruity Pinot Noir
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    Santa Monica
    I can’t get enough of California's golden sunlight, breezy lifestyle, and gorgeous beaches. Santa Monica has an especially lovely wide-open beach with gentle rolling hills on the horizon. After an afternoon shopping in Santa Monica, I would grab a friend and a picnic blanket. Perfect Pairing: A chilled bottle of Cloudy Bay's crisp Sauvignon Blanc
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    Jackson Hole
    Surrounded by the dramatic Grand Tetons National Park, Jackson Hole makes the cowboy lifestyle look pretty irresistible. Here, you can surround yourself with Wyoming's stunning natural beauty—huge herds of wildlife, large ranch farms, and hiking trails through the Tetons that provide views over the Jackson Hole valley. Perfect Pairing: Cloudy Bay's silky but earthy Pinot Noir
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    Miami is an intriguing mix of Cuban and Spanish culture, 1950s Americana, art deco, and pastel and neon designs. The charged energy and bright colors of the city always keep me moving. Take a bike ride along Miami's beautiful wooden walkway along the beach to ogle the luxury hotels and then refuel with Cubano sandwiches and a tropical fruit salad. Perfect Pairing: Cloudy Bay's refreshing citrusy Sauvignon Blanc