Saint Lucia Outdoors

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Saint Lucia Outdoors
Blessed with a landscape that includes mountains, volcanoes, rain forest, and coastline, Saint Lucia abounds with opportunities for outdoor adventures for all ages, ranging from hiking and biking to fishing and sailing.

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By Flash Parker, AFAR Ambassador
Photo by Flash Parker
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    Hiking and Climbing
    Hikers are spoiled for choice when it comes to trails in Saint Lucia. Tet Paul Nature Trail, one of the island's most popular nature walks because of its relative ease and well-marked stairway, provides gorgeous views of the Pitons and the islands of Saint Vincent and Martinique. The Enbas Saut Rainforest Trail takes you into the heart of Saint Lucia on a trek that culminates with an over-50-foot-tall waterfall for a dip. The Des Cartier Rainforest Trail, a two-hour hike, is great for spotting tropical birds and jungle flora. The Gros Piton hike is one for the bucket list: a rigorous hike that delivers tremendous views of the island and the ocean to those who climb the volcanic spire.
    Photo by Flash Parker
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    Off the Beaten Path
    Guided and solo tours of the island's volcanic coast and dense rain-forest interior are available from several of the island's better outfitters, and many of the trips are done in small, intimate groups. Hike Morne Fortune for stunning views over Castries and a chance to explore the overgrown ruins of a French military outpost. Head out to the Maria Islands Nature Reserve for a walk through a cacti-filled rocky landscape and a swim through coral reefs.
    Photo courtesy of Aanansi ATV Tours
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    Horseback Riding
    Few activities are as thrilling or romantic as a Caribbean island horseback excursion. Horses can get you closer to nature than bikes, ATVs, and 4x4s can. The island's Creole horses are mild-tempered mounts even for first-time riders. The beach trails on the Atlantic side are best, especially Cas en Bas, a rustic stretch where horses are occasionally led into the water.
    Photo by Colleen Quigley
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    Cycling the Island
    Cycling in Saint Lucia can be as thrilling as you want it to be; the island features everything from easy coastal tracks to rain-forest trails that will challenge even the most experienced rider. Bike Saint Lucia is a great option—its trails lead riders through a rain forest on a loop around the French colonial ruins of an 18th-century plantation on the Anse Chastanet estate. The Anse Chastanet trail ends at a river on the outskirts of Soufrière, where you can reward sore muscles with a cool soak, or choose to rejuvenate at Anse Mamin Beach below the plantation.
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    Go Local

    Immerse yourself in activities you can't find anywhere but Saint Lucia: Curious visitors should head to Anse L'Ivrogne, reachable only on foot or by boat, to take part in Zion Lion Farm's Castaway Tour, which visits the organic fields for a lesson in the island's native medicinal plants, before learning about traditional coal pot cooking (and enjoying a meal). In Soufrière, the island's infamous drive-in volcano offers a dip in mud and a rinse in hot sulfur springs. A day trip to the fishing village of Laborie reveals one of the few untouristed parts of Saint Lucia, and one that features glorious beaches.

    Photo by Jason Ross/age fotostock
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    Explore Island Estates
    Saint Lucia is home to some of the most beautiful estates in the Caribbean. The Zion Lion Farm grows fruits and vegetables organically, according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, including using natural fertilizer and pest control and planting based on the phases of the moon. The Tree-to-Bar Experience, hosted by Hotel Chocolat at the Rabot Estate, allows visitors to pick their own cacao pods and then turn the fruit into delicious chocolate bars and truffles. Pink Plantation House offers a lovely daytime dining experience surrounded by views of its lush tropical gardens.
    Photo by Flash Parker
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    Sailing Away
    Cruising Saint Lucia's waters is one of the best ways to take in all of the island's natural beauty. Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay provide safe anchorage for watercraft, while companies like the Moorings have yachts that range from comfortable Beneteaus to larger Morgans at surprisingly affordable prices. The two bays are also common departure points for catamaran cruises and snorkeling trips—particularly sailing from Rodney Bay all the way south for close-up views of the Pitons, on the way to Soufrière.
    Photo courtesy of Saint Lucia Tourist Board