Romantic Fiji

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Romantic Fiji
Fiji's resorts offer couples intimate escapes, private pools, and spa treatments. If that sounds too developed, you can always walk hand-in-hand at sunset along a deserted beach. It all adds up to one of the world's most romantic vacation spots.
By Gayle Keck, AFAR Contributor
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    Escape for a Romantic Picnic
    If you're in the mood for an over-the-top romantic experience, take a helicopter trip to a private island such as Yadua Island. Island Hoppers whisks you off to a white sand beach, provisioned with champagne and a three-course picnic lunch. You've got the place all to yourself: snorkel, sunbathe, explore 27 acres of tropical forest—or invent your own Robinson Crusoe games. And it might just be the perfect place to pop the question.
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    Luxurious Couples' Spas
    Likuliku Lagoon Resort on Malolo Island offers a wonderful spa night for couples. You have the entire spa to yourself and everything—the walkway, the rooms, even the floor—is decorated with candles and flowers. You start with champagne, canapés, and a foot scrub, followed by a couples' massage. Afterward, there's a soak in a tub with flowers floating on the water. Magical! Namale Resort and Spa offers a similar experience, which ends with dinner in your bure (private villa) following the spa treatments. Flowers, candlelight, indulgence—and perhaps some romance.
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    A Private Island All of Your Own
    If a private beach isn't enough, you can have the whole of Dolphin Island to yourself (aside from doting staff); the main bure overlooks a generous infinity pool, and two spacious guest suites feature stunning décor by designer Virginia Fisher. Or spend a fantasy night in the dreamy four-poster bed at Sleep-Out Bure. Wadigi Private Island's cliffside villa has three deluxe suites but is only rented to one couple or group at a time. The staff includes two chefs, a hostess, a maid, and a boat captain; there is an infinity pool and two private beaches. While not all your own, Matagi Private Island Resort feels like it is and you get to enjoy the magical Horseshoe Beach.
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    Intimate Dining Options
    A number of resorts will set up a dinner on the beach, but Laucala Island goes further, providing a lavish barbecue on your own private beach (or another location you choose). Fresh seafood, wagyu beef, and decadent desserts are cooked and served by gracious staff. If you'd like, Fijian singers will even serenade you with mellow tunes as you dine by torchlight. At Royal Davui Resort, you can choose to have dinner served on one of several intimate dining platforms tucked into the cliffside—perfect for watching the sun dip into the ocean. Turtle Island Resort offers dinners under the stars on a floating pontoon in the middle of Blue Lagoon, made famous by the movie of the same name.
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    Sunset from a Private Pool
    The private plunge pools at Royal Davui are small—more the size of a hot tub—but the views are spectacular, thanks to a cliffside setting that puts you well above the water. Ask for a villa that faces the sunset and you'll get one of the best shows in Fiji. Namale Resort also features some plunge pools that give you a ringside seat for the setting sun, as does Tokoriki Resort; its Sunset Pool Villas are aptly named. The private pools at Laucala Island are big enough to actually swim in and some—in the higher-elevation villas—offer a panoramic sunset view.
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    Adults Only
    Resorts in Fiji cater to all segments of the vacation market, but the adults-only resorts specialize in blissful honeymoons, anniversaries, vow-renewals, and straightforward relaxing getaways. At most adults-only spots that means no children under age 16; check with individual resorts for their specific rules. Some places to get you dreaming include Qamea Resort and Spa, with secluded villas and private pools; Tadrai Island Resort, which offers spacious outdoor showers; Tokoriki, where you can get an unlimited massage package; Likuliku Lagoon, with the first over-water bures in Fiji; Royal Davui, which has a "Love Shack" for romantic rendezvous; and Lomani Island Resort, where some suites have private sun decks.
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    Your Own Private Beach
    Many resorts offer beachfront lodging, but for the ultimate in romantic luxury, consider booking accommodation at a resort where you'll have your own private swathe of sand. Turtle Island Resort has a private beach for each of its 14 villas. A number of villas at Laucala Island feature large, flat, perfectly groomed beaches, complete with a personal yoga platform. Greenery tastefully protects views from neighboring villas. Of course, if you want the ultimate in privacy, book an island all to yourself. Wadigi Private Island offers private everything, including two private beaches.
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    Take to the Trees
    Your own tree-house hideaway is an exotic way to spend a few romantic days and nights. Matangi Island Resort by Horseshoe Beach offers three split-level tree house bures nestled among tropical vegetation. Popular for honeymooners, the tree houses come with private sun decks, outdoor lava-rock showers, and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs. The tree house bures have impressive views, looking out over the jungle, the beach, and the turquoise waters of the Tasman Straits. The original tree house, "Domini," was built in an ancient almond tree, while the other two are surrounded with cliffside vegetation.
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    Ephemeral, Magical Sandbars
    During low tide, sandbars can emerge from the middle of the ocean. These pristine sandscapes are visible for a few hours, then disappear again as the ocean closes over them. A number of resorts will take you to one of the sandbars when the tide is right, leaving you with a picnic, champagne, a beach umbrella, and snorkel gear. It's like being shipwrecked—but in a good way. Royal Davui Resort offers a trip to a sandbar that's near some magnificent snorkeling reefs, or you can just relax and enjoy the solitude. Likuliku Lagoon's sandbar offers views of nearby islands, and you can snorkel there too. Note that times for trips will vary with the tides, so organize in advance with your resort.
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    Extinct Volcano, Beautiful Beach
    There's no shortage of romantic beaches on Fiji's 300-plus islands, but perhaps the most beautiful is Horseshoe Beach, on Matangi Island. Featured in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, the entire island is shaped like a horseshoe, with the white-sand beach at its center. The curved ends of the island embrace Horseshoe Bay, forming a setting that's hard to beat for views of water, jungle, clouds, and stunning sunsets. The island's unusual shape began as the cone of an extinct volcano, before one side collapsed into the water, creating the beautiful bay.
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