Romantic Bermuda

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Romantic Bermuda
Brimming with secluded coves, fragrant gardens, and oceanfront infinity pools that offer prime sunset views, Bermuda is romance incarnate. Explore the scenery by scooter or boat then end the day with fresh seafood and rum cocktails on the beach.
By Sandy Allen, AFAR Local Expert
Photo by Johan De Meester/age fotostock
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    Ride into the Sunset
    Nothing says romantic beach vacation better than trotting across the sand on a handsome steed. Bermuda’s cliffs, coves, and turquoise waters also look different from the back of a horse. Both beginning and experienced riders can enjoy the unique experience of riding past the stone walls of Fort St. Catherine and along the pink shore of Tobacco Bay. Trail rides and lessons are offered at Bermuda Horse Trail Ride at Moran Meadows and the Spicelands Equestrian Centre in Warwick.
    Photo by Johan De Meester/age fotostock
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    Spa Time for Two
    Warm bamboo massages, reflexology, and hot stone therapies are just a few of the relaxing spa treatments available to guests in Bermuda. Sip champagne and nibble strawberries at the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa, where the couples' Swedish massage is performed in a luxurious suite. La Serena Spa at the Reefs Resort and Club was named one of the top 25 spas in the Atlantic and Caribbean in Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Poll; it has a relaxation room with an ocean view. The day spa at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess offers facials, deep tissue massages, aromatherapy, and reflexology for men and women. Organic fruits, exotic spices, and rose petals make this a memorable experience.
    Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hotels
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    Tie the Knot in Bermuda
    Whether in a garden among tropical flowers, on the beach with waves crashing in the background, or high atop a hill overlooking sparkling blue water, Bermuda is a dream destination for a wedding ceremony. Many resorts have on-site wedding consultants that can plan the perfect day or evening wedding. Bermuda receptions range from four-star dining and ballroom extravaganzas to quaint garden parties beneath the stars. Arriving at the reception in a horse-drawn carriage is a Bermuda tradition. And be sure to share a kiss beneath a moon gate. These horseshoe-shaped arches found around the island are believed to bring a long and happy life to those who kiss beneath them.
    Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism
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    Oceanfront Pools
    From heated pools, hot tubs, and swim-up bars to seductive sunsets, Bermuda’s waterfront attractions invite couples to relax and stay awhile. The Newstead Belmont Hills Resort, the Reefs Resort, and Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa all have luxurious infinity pools overlooking the ocean. The pool at Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa in Sandys Parish faces Mangrove Bay, and the swim-up bar at Grotto Bay Beach Resort gives guests a good reason to stay all day. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is the best place to watch yachts sail off into the distance.
    Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hotels
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    Romantic Meals in Bermuda
    Tiki torches, flickering candles, linen tablecloths blowing in the breeze, and waves kissing the shore take dining to a new level. Sip champagne while you dine on lobster bisque, fresh fish, or filet mignon at the Fairmont Southampton, and watch the sun set from your table just inches from the water. For those not wanting to get sand on their feet, the Cedar Room Restaurant at the Pompano Beach Club and Lido at Elbow Beach both offer beautiful sunset views. Sea Breeze restaurant at Elbow Beach resort has a terrace with fire pits great for dining under the stars. Mickey’s Bistro is a casually elegant choice for lunch or dinner for two.
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    Cozy Coves and Secluded Shores
    Whether wanting to snuggle in the sand, hide in a hidden cove, or picnic by the bay, couples can find several secluded strips of sand if they know where to look. Chaplin and Stonehole Bays are both small and almost disappear at high tide. Each has rugged rocks to explore, but if relaxing is on the agenda just sit back and listen to the waves. A popular spot for weddings, Astwood Cove features a rocky shoreline, rugged cliffs, and a steep pathway that provides seclusion (and breathtaking photos); the crashing waves make nice background sound. With its sheltered swimming area, gentle waves, and remote location, Jobson’s Cove is a secret hideaway for couples wanting to sunbathe in privacy.
    Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism
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    Gardens and Galleries
    The colors and fragrances of formal gardens, mini plots, and public parks provide an escape from the heat of the day, and make for romantic walks on moonlit nights. Bright hibiscus, sweet-smelling lilies, banyan trees, and orchids thrive at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and the Bermuda Perfumery and Gardens. For man-made art head to the Bermuda National Gallery, home to Bermuda’s national art collection and including paintings, decorative items, and textiles by African, Bermudian, and European creatives. The Windjammer Gallery features works by Bermuda sculptors, painters, and textile artists.
    Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism
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    Explore the Island by Scooter
    Because of its small size, there are no car rental services in Bermuda. Residents are even restricted to one vehicle per household. Luckily, scooter rentals abound, providing an even better way to see the island. As the scent of flowers follows you across the coast, down narrow lanes, and through wooded trails, you’ll pick up the taste of salty sea breezes, experience local neighborhoods, and discover off-the-beaten-path sections of the island. Pack a picnic and dine on a cliff for sweeping views of the coastline. Stop off at roadside stands where local farmers sell fruits and vegetables. Just remember to drive on the left.
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    Moon Gates and Memories
    Moon gates are the horseshoe-shaped archways found in gardens and entryways throughout the island. Snap a shot of you and your sweetheart kissing in the center of these circles. Another good place to capture a Bermuda honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic rendezvous is from high atop Fort St. Catherine. The "bird cage" kiosk, at Front and Queen Streets in Hamilton, is another piece of iconic island architecture that deserves to be recorded. Designed in the 1950s to provide protection for officers directing traffic, it is now a popular tourist attraction.
    Photo by Maggie Janik/age fotostock
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    Bermuda by Boat
    The view from the water offers a different perspective on island life. Drift across the sapphire surface in a canoe or kayak; take a glass-bottom boat tour; or rent a small craft to explore and picnic on remote islands yourselves. Charter cruises allow travelers to sit back and enjoy a leisurely cruise across the water while feeding schools of fish, learning about island history, or sipping wine as the sun sets. When stars twinkle overhead, underwater lights on glass-bottom boats illuminate the water for a peek into the world below. Destiny Water Tours and Aquatic Bermuda are just two of many boat operators in Bermuda.
    Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism