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Panama Culture and Arts

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Panama Culture and Arts
Panamanian culture is all about the mix. Colonial piles stand beside Frank Gehry megaprojects; native Emberá heritage merges with elements of African, Chinese, and U.S. culture. A vast world of cultural influence moves within tiny Panama.
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    Manmade Geography
    Panama leaves no doubt just how much humankind can change a nation’s destiny. Thanks to its world-famous Canal, it is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the Western Hemisphere. The history of this engineering and strategic-commercial marvel is presented at the Canal Museum, as fascinating and fun as it is obligatory.
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    Biodiversity and Culture
    It’s a sure bet Panama visitors arrive expecting gleaming towers and perfect beaches. But don’t lose sight of the country’s remarkable biodiversity, masterfully showcased at the Museum of Biodiversity, whose Frank Gehry-designed structure is equally remarkable. Take a guided tour through the nearby tropical rainforest from local experts Emberá-Nation Botanists.
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    Panama’s Melting Pot
    Whether it’s a visit to the Baha’i Temple, breakfasting dim sum (link) (as “real” Panamanians do), or poring over Africa-influenced chombo cookbooks (and desserts) at Cuquita Cookita, visitors quickly discover Panama’s truly international outlook.
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    Panamá for Shopping
    To fit in among the Panamanians (and fill in suitcase gaps with treasures large and small), you’ve got to hit the stores, for everything from the most authentic and local (like mola fabrics) to international labels at pleasing prices in centers like Albrook Mall, Multiplaza Pacific, or Metromall.
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    Architecture: Literally a Bit of Everything
    Whether it’s historic structures in the Casco Viejo or Frank Gehry’s Museo de la Biodiversidad, Panama is home to every architectural style, including fabulous Art Deco on Avenida Central.
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    Ocean Forever
    On any given day in Panama City, you’ll know you’re near the sea, whether it’s at the Cinta Costera Fish Market, the stalls at Sabores del Chorrillo or the Calzada de Amador promenade.