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Outdoor Adventures Made Better With Woolrich

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Outdoor Adventures Made Better With Woolrich
Intrepid travelers know there’s no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. So when sending two of our AFAR Ambassadors out on assignment, we equipped them with parkas from Woolrich, America’s oldest outdoor clothing brand, making durable, timeless outerwear since 1830. Ben Schuyler set out to explore the atmospheric late-autumn waterfront and lush forests of his native Seattle, while Lucy Laucht embarked on a road trip through the rugged wilderness and snow-capped mountains of Tasmania, Australia. Check out their photos, along with reflections on their experiences and the Woolrich products they brought along for the journey.
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    Ballard, Seattle
    There’s a newness that comes with the changing of seasons, even amid familiar places. I’ve wandered these Ballard docks since I was much younger, fantasizing about where each vessel would cause its passengers to venture. That curiosity about the next adventure stays with me to this day. —@benschuyler

    Check out the Arctic Parka NF, with a zip and button closure, the classic cotton/nylon Woolrich fabric, and a Teflon finish.

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    Puget Sound
    I’ve found that retreating to water is an ultimate priority. It’s a hypnotic joy watching the waves of the Puget Sound in constant movement and the breeze rip off the surface of the sea. It’s the kind of experience that has held all kinds of people in awe for centuries, and Woolrich’s quintessential Arctic Parka made it comfortable to linger. —@benschuyler

    Check out the Arctic Parka TT, which comes with silver fox fur and a matching lining, plus a special Teflon finish that ensures resistance to snow, rain, and wind.
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    Seattle Forest
    The autumn scent is unmissable in the Northwest. That blend of damp forest and fallen leaves will always be my favorite. It’s amazing how one sensory experience can cause a rush of nostalgia to be activated. Exploring wooded trails during autumn is something that never gets old. —@benschuyler

    Check out the laminated Cotton Parka HC, with a high collar, detachable coyote fur, and water-repellent laminate cotton exterior.
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    Cradle Mountain
    No Tasmanian road trip is complete without a journey into the rugged wilderness of Cradle Mountain National Park. Against warnings of road closure, we arrived late afternoon. Snowflakes swirled around us, and the jagged mountain peaks hid behind leaden clouds. Bitter gusts sent waves across Dove Lake. I pulled my Woolrich down parka around me, grateful for the warmth against the biting cold. —@lucylaucht

    Check out W’s Scarlett Eskimo parka, featuring raccoon fur and a quilted lining, both of which are detachable, as well as a water-resistant outer cotton.
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    Cradle Mountain
    On our second morning in Tasmania we woke in the dark, determined to catch a rare sunrise. The night before, a local bade us good luck, saying half-jokingly that the sun shines about 30 days a year here. Turned out we were in luck: The sun inched slowly above the horizon and the mountains blushed pink with alpenglow. We sipped hot coffee as golden rays warmed the land. I love how this Woolrich jacket has layers—as the temperature inched warmer, I removed the outer layer. —@lucylaucht

    Check out W’s Stretch Eskimo, a three-in-one piece with a detachable inner layer, a roomy hood, and an adjustable waist.
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    Mt. Amos
    The last evening on our Tasmanian road trip adventure. We raced to the top of Mt Amos, just catching the sunset. As the sun dipped behind the mountains, it was cold but my Woolrich Arctic parka kept me toasty warm. We sat in the dusk watching the first stars appear in the sky, not another soul for miles. —@lucylaucht

    Check out W’s Luxury Arctic Parka Fox, a slim-fit style with a detachable fox fur trim and a very warm duck down and feather fill.