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Our Top 10 Wayfarer Stories of 2016

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Our Top 10 Wayfarer Stories of 2016
In 2016, we covered a lot of ground on our blog, the Wayfarer. From a personality quiz that assessed the best travel destination for you to an extensive list of what not to do in Europe, we wanted to make sure our readers were updated with the latest travel news throughout the year. We’ve rounded up our readers’ favorite Wayfarer stories of 2016 so we can all be on the same page before we head into a new year of travel and exploration.
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    10. What Does Brexit Mean for Travel?
    Does Britain’s departure from the EU make now the time to travel to the United Kingdom? Or not?

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    9. 9 Destinations Where Your Dollar Will Go Far in 2016
    The U.S. dollar kicked off 2016 with strong exchange rates. These nine destinations gave travelers from the United States the best bang for their buck.

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    8. American Airlines’ New Ad Is Kind of Infuriating
    Is American Airlines really saying it’s their passengers’ fault that flying can be a bummer these days?

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    7. 10 Huge Mistakes People Make at the Airport
    This is everything you need to know about how not to act at the airport.

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    6. 8 Websites That Will Change the Way You Book Travel

    These tools are what the pros use to stretch their miles, find deals, and have the best airport experiences possible. You should use them, too.

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    5. 8 Surprising Things That Are Actually Offensive in Europe
    “Leave your chewing gum at home” and other tips to help you navigate the varying cultural norms across Europe. 

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    4. 10 Huge Mistakes People Make When Booking Flights
    When and how to book air travel, according to a pro.

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    3. How Realistic Is It Really to Move to Another Country?
    These are some of the most popular destinations for starting over—or at least, let us say, taking an extended vacation.

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    2. 7 Surprisingly Illegal Things to Avoid in Europe
    Avoid unpleasant encounters with locals (and even getting arrested) in Europe by getting familiar with these surprising destination-specific laws.

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    1. 21 Rapid-Fire Questions That’ll Determine Where You Should Go Next
    We assembled an extensive personality quiz to help match you with the destination of your dreams through rapid-fire questions.

    Take the quiz here
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