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Our Most Liked Instagrams of 2017

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Our Most Liked Instagrams of 2017
In 2017, Instagram officially cemented itself as the travel community’s favorite social media platform. Throughout the year, the photo-sharing service—which has a global network of 800 million users—continued to introduce updated features that allow avid adventurers to document and share the destinations they love to explore. On @afarmedia’s account, we share awe-inspiring shots from around the world accompanied by fun facts, important tips, and helpful guides. Scroll through this slideshow to check out our most liked Instagrams of 2017, then follow us on Instagram and tag your shots with #traveldeeper to be featured in the new year!
Photo by @arabellabowen/Instagram
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    10. Faroe Islands
    AFAR digital executive editor @arabellabowen visited the idyllic Faroe Islands and it was love at first sight. “We deplaned, found our rental car in the parking lot (with the key in the glove compartment), and stood at this staggering spot 15 minutes later.” It’s no wonder she didn’t want to leave this spectacular place, and it’s also no coincidence that the Faroe Islands landed on our list of destinations to visit in 2018. Read this article to find out why.
    Photo by @arabellabowen/Instagram
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    9. Royal Palace of Naples
    From the looks of this shot by @theslowtraveler, it seems like the Palazzo Reale in Naples was made to be photographed. In fact, this entire Italian city is quite photogenic (to say the least)! Want to explore even more of Naples’s top spots? Plan your trip.
    Photo by @theslowtraveler/Instagram
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    8. Najac, France
    One of the most enchanting images we saw in 2017 was this photo of Najac, France, taken by @loic.lagarde. Doesn’t this 13th-century village look like it came straight out of a fairy tale? Explore more of Europe’s most charming, fantasy-come-true villages here. (You can thank us later.)
    Photo by @loic.lagarde/Instagram
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    7. Sicily
    @rajveerjohal captured a splendid day spent floating in Sicily’s Mediterranean waters—now that is true travel bliss. Craving a soak in this crystal-clear sea? Check out our guide to island hopping in the Mediterranean.
    Photo by @rajveerjohal/Instagram
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    6. Iceland
    On an Icelandic adventure, @macs_explore debated whether or not to visit the Blue Lagoon, concerned that it would be too crowded by tourists. “We eventually caved after much persuasion from friends who had been and told us it was worth the hype,” he says. “So, on our last day in Iceland, we treated ourselves to a soak in these world-famous geothermal waters. Not gonna lie, it was pretty amazing—and it was indeed worth the hype.” Writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner had a similar experience on assignment for our July/August 2017 issue. Read her fascinating account of what happened when she traveled in search of her ideal Iceland and found something entirely different.
    Photo by @macs_explore/Instagram
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    5. Europe’s Orient Express
    Vintage train trips provide such an elegant window into what it was like to travel in the past. @stacieflinner boarded the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and was transported (literally and figuratively) to another place and time. Could classic train travel actually be the antidote to modern life? Read this to find out.
    Photo by @stacieflinner/Instagram
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    4. Cappadocia, Turkey
    Raise your hand if @columbussss’s shot of these brightly colored hot-air balloons over Cappadocia’s rugged landscape is making your wanderlust float to new heights. We’re just about ready to embark on our own sky-high adventure—are you? Start planning with the most incredible hot air balloon rides to experience around the world.
    Photo by @columbussss/Instagram
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    3. Iran
    How incredible is the interior of this mausoleum in Shiraz, Iran? We could stare at this ceiling for hours. (And thanks to this photo by @chrsschlkx, we just might do that!) For more inspiring photos that show Iran’s unique beauty, read this article.
    Photo by @chrsschlkx/Instagram
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    2. Brittany, France
    In 2017, we realized that we may have a soft spot for crooked buildings, which explains why we fell in love with this charming shot by @mary_quincy. Apparently our Instagram followers did, too! Have you explored France’s Brittany region yet? These spots will give you reason to start planning your trip.
    Photo by @mary_quincy/Instagram
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    1. London
    Our most liked Instagram photo of 2017 does not disappoint. @lukecabrahams enjoyed the lights of London while dining in a cozy igloo at Coppa Club, a trendy bar and restaurant in the English capital. Igloos, domes, and bubbles dominated the design scene in 2017. For a look at more dreamy structures that you can actually spend the night in, read this article.
    Photo by @lukecabrahams/Instagram
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    Photo by Christopher William Adach/Flickr