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Our Most Click-Worthy Slideshows of 2017

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Our Most Click-Worthy Slideshows of 2017
Nothing inspires us to start planning out next trip like a good roundup. From worldwide breakfasts to the best U.S. experiences, these are our top 10 slideshows of 2017.
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    10. 7 Unforgettable Experiences Close to Home
    We rarely advocate ticking experiences off a lifelong to-do list without slowing down to consider the beauty around you. Frankly, it diminishes the transformative power of travel and sets the focus on accomplishing rather than experiencing. That said, there are certain things nearly everyone dreams of seeing or doing. These experiences often require visas and arduous flights, but you might be surprised at how many can also be done within the United States and U.S. territories.  Here are a few of the world-class experiences you can have—no passport required.

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    9. 9 U.S. Restaurants with Awe-Inspiring Views
    While going out for dinner and drinks is nice as a stand-alone activity, add a deck or a room full of windows with a sweeping view and you’ve automatically elevated the evening. Maybe it’s because the presence of something awe-inspiring reminds us of the scale of life, or maybe it’s because brainstorming the perfect Insta caption is a great distraction (think of all the “drink in the foreground, view in the background” photo ops!). Maybe you’re watching ocean waves crash, or maybe you’re observing a city’s glittery skyline. Head to one of these nine restaurants that offer tasty fare and terrific views.

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    Courtesy of Makana Terrace at the St. Regis Princeville/Facebook
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    8. 12 Destinations You’ve Seen on Pinterest (and How to Go)
    Anyone who has a Pinterest account (and a specific travel board) knows that nothing triggers wanderlust quite like scrolling through image after image of trending destinations. It seems that some travel highlights—thermal pools, oceanfront waterfalls, and igloo hotel rooms—are tailor-made for this visually driven platform. But putting together that dream Pinterest board is like window shopping: It’s nothing compared to the real thing. Here’s how to stop pinning and start planning your trip to these Pinterest-famous travel destinations—and pro tips on how to get your own photo opp.

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    Photo by Vestman/Flickr
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    7. 8 Surprising Cities With Amazing Street Art
    Anyone with an interest in urban art is familiar with New York’s hip hop–infused graffiti history and the notorious mural-splashed alleyways of Melbourne. But in more recent years, new cities are emerging as centers for cutting-edge street art, with festivals, classes, and tours encouraging further growth through community gathering. And with political climates heating up as fast as the Earth’s surface, the timing couldn’t be better for vibrant visual expression in public places. Consider planning your next trip to one of the following eight cities, where the street art can teach you more about each one than most museums could.

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    Photo by Veronica Meewes
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    6. 9 Women Who Inspire Us to Travel Deeper
    We’re continuously inspired by dedicated adventurers—those who travel the world, seek new perspectives, and commit themselves to experiencing life around the globe. These nine women are pushing the boundaries of what it means to travel fearlessly, motivating us all to follow their lead. Scroll through the slideshow to learn the stories of (some!) of the women who’ve inpired us to travel deeper. 

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    Photo by Maria de la Guardia
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    5. No Cars Allowed: The 10 Best Pedestrian Streets Around the World
    Thanks to a major push toward converting traffic-clogged streets to pedestiran only in the latter 20th century—and the subsequent global success of those conversions—many major cities have thriving car-free areas at their centers. Scroll through the slideshow for our favorite pedestrian streets around the world, from Denmark to California. 

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    Photo by Pete/Flickr
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    4. 7 of the World’s Dreamiest Glamping Bubbles
    Just when you thought glamping couldn’t get any more Instagrammable, here come the bubbles. With stargazer-friendly transparent roofs, these “five-million-star hotels” are popping up everywhere—from the vineyards of Baja California to the Arctic Circle—offering luxury campers all the trappings of glamping (high thread-count sheets, memory-foam mattress, climate control) with the magic of sleeping under the stars. From inflatable pods to sturdy Finnish domes, here are seven places that prove that living in a bubble isn’t always a bad thing.

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    Courtesy of Campera Hotel Burbuja
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    3. Trade Your Apartment for One of These Homes Around the World
    What does $2,000 a month buy you around the world? From a tiny walk-up studio to a sprawling villa, this is what your life could look like—and cost—on five different continents.

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    2. 5 Surprising Places to Retire Abroad
    Whether you’re in the planning stages or just daydreaming, retiring abroad is the ultimate vacation. Popular destinations like Costa Rica and Thailand offer retirees top-notch healthcare, welcoming expat communities, and a pension-friendly cost of living. But they’re not the only options. If you’ve spent most of your life traveling off the beaten path, consider these alt-retirement destinations for spending your golden years.

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    Photo by James Willamor/Flickr
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    1. This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around the World
    When it comes to breakfast, we might be partial to avocado toast or a sprinkle-covered, glazed doughnut, but the international breakfast scene is giving our traditional morning meals some serious competition. For Americans, hot soups and cold cuts may seem like a strange way to start the day at first, but there’s no better way to get a taste for a country than to chow down as the locals do. Here’s how to start the day off right in 24 different countries.

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    Photo by Azul Adnan
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