Our Favorite Stories From Our March/April Issue

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Our Favorite Stories From Our March/April Issue
At AFAR, we pour our hearts and souls into each issue. We love every single story, short or long, that appears on our pages. Naturally, though, we can’t help but pick a few that really stand out. Here, five staffers name his or her favorite story in our brand-new March/April issue, on stands now.
By Danielle Walsh, AFAR Staff
Photo by Freda Moon
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    Spin the Globe in Morocco
    I first read Freda Moon’s Spin the Globe—her account of traveling to Morocco with 24-hour notice—shortly after the election, a time when I really needed a story that was resonant but that had nothing to do with politics. It’s lyrical and fun but tackles some tougher questions, too: What does it mean to be a woman traveling through the world alone? What does it mean to be a woman traveling through the world alone, 15 months after having a child? She traces the trials of both, from light (experiencing the naked truth of an old-school hammam) to heavy (accepting a ride from a strange man in a strange land) while also painting these vivid portraits of Morocco. —Aislyn Greene, senior editor

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    Photo by Freda Moon
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    A Return to Oaxaca
    The vibrant photos in this issue’s story about Oaxaca made me nostalgic for Mexico City, specifically Casa Luis Barragán. I remember feeling nervous while riding the metro to the outskirts of the city to find the house that belonged to the architect. Behind the chipped facade is a dramatic space with magenta courtyard, floating staircases, and windows that flood the rooms with light. Mexico will grab your heart—if and when you let down your walls. —Anne Ngyuen, senior digital experience designer

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    Photo by Andy Richter
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    Why Western Ireland Is the Best Place to Be Sad
    I loved Chris Colin’s story about Ireland. It’s always been a challenge to figure out what kind of feature we should do about Ireland. I think a lot of people travel there because they want to get this somewhat vague, hard-to-describe Ireland feeling. It comes from the landscape and the people and the history, but it’s not as simple as seeing a particular sight or drinking in a particular pub. So it’s always been hard to find an idea to build a story around. You just go there, and you feel it. Chris was in the perfect frame of mind to go to Ireland and soak up that feeling, and he wrote about it eloquently. Plus, even though he was a bit sad, he was still funny. —Jeremy Saum, executive editor

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    The Expat Files
    I loved the expat package! I’m always down with first-person accounts, and these were thought-provoking, funny, and everything in between. Plus, it’s always nice to stoke the dream of moving to another country.—Sarah Purkrabek, editorial assistant

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    How to Hostel
    I was a big fan of the hostel focus in Stay. I was die-hard backpacker in my late teens and early 20s and have met some of my best friends in hostel kitchens. These days, I struggle to find a balance between the stylish, design-forward environment that I want when I’m on vacation and the community atmosphere that allows me to easily connect and share with people from around the world that I remember from my hostelling days. It was exciting to learn that I can get the best of both worlds. —Maggie Fuller, editorial assistant

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